Atheists, Agnostics, Nones, Pagans, & other Non-Traditionalists, what are the 10

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Atheists, Agnostics, Nones, Pagans, & other Non-Traditionalists, what are the 10 things which

    INFURIATES the most about religionists?

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    Austinstarposted 2 years ago

    1. They insist we should believe in their gods because they believe in "faith". There is no empirical evidence for a god or gods, but they insist "he is real". They are proud of "blind faith" - which is just crazy.
    2. They insist that it HAD to be god who created the universe. They insist that there in NO OTHER WAY the universe could have begun or always existed without a first cause. Just because we can't know precisely what happened 4.9 Billion years ago, they insist that "god did it".
    3. Religionists insist that "god is good" and could never have created evil, even though they turn around and say that "god created all things".
    4.Religionists also insist that we "must believe in SOMETHING". And by that they mean that we must believe in something that resembles a god. But we do not.
    5. Religionists think that their holy books make "predictions" about today's issues and reality. There is no prediction in any holy book that describes the world as it is today. No TV predictions, no worldwide communication, no scientific analysis of physics.... etc....
    6. Religionists insist that whatever religion THEY belong to is the RIGHT one! Even though it has been shown that people generally adopt the religion that they were born into or that they were indoctrinated into.
    7. Religion doesn't make sense! If their god were perfect, he/she/it could never have created imperfection. A god wouldn't make a commandment like, Thou shall not kill, and then immediately order Moses and others to kill for him.
    8. Most wars, terrorism, and child abuse is based on religion. Sure there are some bad things that happen outside of religion, but mostly religious contention is the reason for barbarity.
    9. Religionists see their gods as "saviors". Why would a super being create people only to force them to obey or be punished? Is he/she/it just cruel for his/her/its own amusement?
    10. The constant abuse of children is what infuriates me the most! Religionists actually let their children DIE for lack of modern medical treatments. They force children to "pray". They force children to attend churches/temples/mosques/houses of "worship" and be indoctrinated with the lies they tell. They beat children into submission (spare the rod...). They do all sorts of cruel things to children in the name of their gods.