Will relations with the Russian Federation improve now that the U.S. has a new P

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  1. Larry Slawson profile image97
    Larry Slawsonposted 22 months ago

    Will relations with the Russian Federation improve now that the U.S. has a new President?

    With relations at an all-time low with the Russians, will President-elect Trump's rise to the Presidency improve relations with Vladimir Putin and his country?  Or will relations continue to decline in the years ahead?

  2. lions44 profile image98
    lions44posted 22 months ago

    Isn't that up to Vladimir Putin?  The Russians intrusion into the Syrian Civil War has led to more destruction. Their cyber attacks are causing even more problems.  They continue to make threats in Eastern Europe.  As long as Putin is in power, they will continue to be a rival and/or threat regardless of who our President is.

    1. Larry Slawson profile image97
      Larry Slawsonposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      I agree.  Although, I do believe that strong leadership from Washington could potentially thwart the ambitions of Putin.  Under President Bush, the Russians seemed far more hesitant in pursuing actions due to the fear of reprisals by the U.S.

    2. lovemychris profile image68
      lovemychrisposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      in this case, putin helped trump win an election! only dnc hacked: fsb, kremlin. only anti hillary fake news, putin not like hillary, nor she him. now putin ramping up his bombing campaign..what of baltic states???

  3. claptona profile image82
    claptonaposted 22 months ago


    I don't think it's entirely in Putin's hands as far as better relations with the U.S.
    Believe it or not, war is good business in the U.S.
    What kind of wars do we have going on right now?
    1) Well, of course the wonderful war on terror, that boogie man peering around the corners from every Muslim Country. Libya, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan. A skirmish in the Ukraine because a good majority have Russian bloods and the coup attempt that the U.S. tried to pull off didn't work.
    2) Then of course we have the war on poverty, drugs, borders, illiteracy, free abortions, gay rights, black retribution for past violent acts, democrats against the "deplorables" and Trump.
    War's great, and a war with Putin, even with just words is good for controlling citizens.
    After all, wasn't it the Russian commies that exposed hillary killarys corruption and the media engrained hate for trump?
    No, that was wikileaks, and no, no emails were produced that showed any of the wilekleaks exposures of corruption and collusion within the DNC and hillary killary were false.
    The DNC and the elite need wars to keep the TSA and NSA going, hence the "scare mongering" against Putin.
    What's Putin done that the U.S. government doesn't do on a daily basis?
    Is the town being bombed by Russia and Syrian forces any different than Mosul in Iraq?
    Both are killing innocent men, women and children.
    You really think that the U.S. has a higher moral ground than Russia?
    I think Trump's smart if he wants to "work" with Putin. He's no more of a demagogue than obama was while he lied his way through the White House the last 8 years.
    I do hope Putin and Trump work together.
    It'll calm the world down, keep people focused on making the world a better place.
    Certainly a lot better than the socialist agenda over the last 8 years.
    I think both Trump and Putin will work together and most will be surprised at the positive outcome.

  4. lovemychris profile image68
    lovemychrisposted 22 months ago

    it will be great for trump, inc and putin, inc. the rest of us will just have to live as best we can. personally, i dont want orthodox any religion invading my life...and putin is orthodox. trump isnt anything if you ask me, but he has embraced the religious right in america. so...they can agree that abortion should be outlawed and gays should be shunned. putin can give trump points on controlling the population, and trump can go on traveling show to convince us hes on our side. as the bars come down, and the chains tighten.
    pursed lips, incorporated. bare chested arghhhhgrowlll


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