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Do you think that Trump would have got elected if he were a minority or female?

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    Butterflyfreeposted 15 months ago

    Do you think that Trump would have got elected if he were a minority or female?

    White privilege exist rather people choose to believe it or not, perhaps the fact of Trump being a white male, have him a boost.He had privilege based on him being not only white but by being male.

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    wba108@yahoo.composted 15 months ago

    Yes, Trump would have been elected by larger margins if he were a minority or a female. Trump has actually succeeded as a major player in the business world, meaning that he's learned to work with people and employees to provide  products that his customers want. He's certainly no angel but has actually contributed to society.

    All you have to do is look at Barack Obama and conclude that if he were a white male, he wouldn't have gotten anywhere close to the Oval Office .He was hands down the least qualified person ever to occupy the White House. His only real achievement before seeking high office is to become a professional rabble rouser ie (community organizer). He  has never produced anything, he's only criticized or free loaded of off those who have. 

    He used executive actions to replace working with Congress to push his agenda, he surrounded himself with yes men, incompetence and immoral people. Just look at the multitude of  scandal surrounding his presidency - Rahm Emanuel criminal connections, supplying the Mexican cartel with guns, deserting our brave soldiers in Benghazi and deliberately lying about it for weeks , flooding our borders with illegal aliens, repeatedly refusing to enforce the laws of our country,  unilaterally and repeatedly changing his terrible healthcare law, ect...  If GWB ever did anything like this they would have hung him out to dry many times over.

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      norlawrenceposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      You are probably right on everything you mentioned.  The Democrat are not through.  I is there dream to keep Trump out of the White House even though he won.  They seem to think he did not.

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      TheShadowSpecterposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Norma?  I'm a moderate Democrat, and I'm glad that Donald Trump got elected.  However, I realize that Hillary Clinton is never going to leave him alone until someone sends her to the Big House.  Trump should be that person to do so after 01/20/2017.

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    yourhomiebrianposted 15 months ago

    I think that Donald Trump would get more respect if he was black. Black skin gives you more protection and more flexibility on what you can and can not say. I am going to get a dark chocolate spray tan one day. And shave my head and live as a black man. Black skin is the best protection a man could ever have real talk.