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What do you think about Trump's bizarre cabinet meeting today?

  1. Randy Godwin profile image92
    Randy Godwinposted 11 months ago

    What do you think about Trump's bizarre cabinet meeting today?

    Breaking from the norm of the President's giving a welcome greeting to the cabinet members and continuing behind closed doors, Trump arranged for the members to take turns praising him effusively. This seems more reminiscent of Putin's cabinet meetings where the members are forced to do the same. What say you?

  2. Dean Traylor profile image94
    Dean Traylorposted 11 months ago

    I was ready for someone to stand up and sing "you are the sunshine of my life."
    Seriously, it was something I'd expect from the henchmen of a South American dictator. Bizarre and disturbing.

    1. Randy Godwin profile image92
      Randy Godwinposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      It was a pathetic display of scripted obsequiousness from the entire bunch of cronies. Only General Mattis preserved his dignity during the embarrassing episode. Trump shames the US on a daily basis!

    2. Misfit Chick profile image72
      Misfit Chickposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Funniest thing popped into my head after I mentioned this below: imagine Obama doing some of the same things Trump has, especially this one. It 'watches' like a Monte Python parody, LoL! Put any President there. Its nuts that its ok for Trump!

  3. Austinstar profile image87
    Austinstarposted 11 months ago

    There isn't anything that stuns me about 45 now. The election results were enough to make me totally give up on having a normal democracy ever again.
    He is the 4th person to become president after losing the popular majority vote. Obviously the people of this country will never learn from their mistakes. I thought G.W. would have been a shining example of how NOT to be a president. But I was wrong.
    Einstein was right, "There are two things that are infinite, the universe and the stupidity of people, and I'm not sure about the universe." Or words to that effect. Google the quote.
    It is very apparent to me that resident Trump is senile and affected by Alzheimer's disease. Only the blind cannot see it.
    Fits of rage, needing constant reassurance, an alternate reality. All are signs of dementia. This meeting to parade out his cultists just confirm what we all know. It's just a question of time.
    Now he thinks Priebus can "clean up the white house" by July 4th? Why does it need cleaning? Trump can't run the white house because he is delusional.
    If he fires Mueller, that will have to be the straw to break him. I can't wait to see him escorted out of the people's government.

    1. Randy Godwin profile image92
      Randy Godwinposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      I certainly hope it's dementia, Lela. For DT to be sane and still screwing up everything is even more frightening.

  4. peoplepower73 profile image94
    peoplepower73posted 11 months ago

    I think Trump was playing the Pope and wanted his cabinet members to kiss his ring.  And he calls Comey a "grand-stander and show-boater."  What a friggin hypocrite this man is. 

    I think he truly has some type of mental/personality disorder. His constant self-aggrandizing and his need for constant praise is a sign of his internal insecurity.

    He is afraid to reach out to the other side.  That is why he only holds rallies with his base because they adore him with blind faith and hope and either ignore or make excuses for his bizarre behavior.

    1. Randy Godwin profile image92
      Randy Godwinposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      I'm inclined to agree as any intelligent person would, Mike. I just cannot understand why some can't tell he's lying about things. Usually when his lips are moving..

  5. wrenchBiscuit profile image84
    wrenchBiscuitposted 11 months ago


    This continues to become ever more disgusting with each passing day. This was very difficult to watch. It was difficult to watch not only because it seemed at any moment Trump was going to drop his pants and they were all going to line up single file on their knees, but because it illustrates how far gone the American Mainstream truly is.

    Obama talked incessantly about change, but there was no change. In fact the war in the Middle East continued to escalate. Yet, they still came out to vote in 2016! Now the people have been given another puppet talking about change, but the bombs continue to fall as we witness the greatest dog and pony show on Earth. I predict they will also come out and vote in 2020. At some point it seems people would figure out that the voting booth is not the answer.

  6. Fiorenzo Arcadi profile image82
    Fiorenzo Arcadiposted 11 months ago

    When you have a President that has to be flattered and admired by his cabinet, familiarity will breed contempt. As usual, there are numerous fools behind every resourceful idiot.