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Is racism well and alive in the United States or did racism die long ago?

  1. dummett profile image81
    dummettposted 8 months ago

    Is racism well and alive in the United States or did racism die long ago?

    I want to hear all sides to this answer. Not just the basic liberal one, everything. True responses...

  2. nochance profile image92
    nochanceposted 8 months ago

    To be honest I don't know why you would even ask this question as the answer is obvious.

    There is racism everywhere and it's not going away any time soon.

    Did you see what happened in Charlottesville?

    1. dummett profile image81
      dummettposted 8 months agoin reply to this

      I am well aware of what happened and I know what my opinions are. I was curious to hear from those who might understand why racism is constantly justified in our country.

  3. Violets3 profile image79
    Violets3posted 8 months ago

    Well, if you want an honest true response, I'm going to give you one...but I'm not sure if you're going to like it.

    Before Obama, racism was not crazy as it is now. When Obama took over and there were some racial tensions, he would actually escalate it and make it worse. He created a divide. That divide got worse...i mean, im sure you've seen what's been going on lately.

    i follow enough news (I do not follow mainstream media because they're so biased and omit so much for click-bait. Its embarrassing) to know that it started to get worse because of extreme race baiting through the media.

    The media benefits from this. They were very quickly getting less followers, less watchers, and losing money. So they do clickbait articles, race-bait, and get more money out of it. I've read a lot of the titles of articles and news lately, and they all sound racist, and they only cover racism. They cover divide.

    I remember this quote: the more you feed negative energy, the more powerful it becomes. The more we concentrated on it, the more we exaggerated racism, the worse it became.

    It's almost a self-fulling prophecy.

    I'm not saying racism never existed, don't be silly, it did...but I saw an extreme increase of it these few years.

    The extreme left acted racist towards the whites (yes, you can be racist to anyone, including your own race - that's the one lie that the left needs to get rid of and understand), and so the whites on the extreme right retaliated.

    This was very "eloquently" shown in Chartlottesville. The extreme right ("white supremacists") got a permit to protest peaceably (no matter how much anyone disagrees with any group, peaceable assembly is protected under the first amendment), but the extreme left (ANTIFA, BLM, SJW, etc) decided to interfere...and the damn cops didn't even do their damn jobs. They could have prevented this, but all they did was allow the left to co-op the protest, tried to unlawfully shut it down while it was peaceful, then barely even did anything when it got violent.

    I support any peaceful protest, but the moment it gets violent, EVERY COP should do EVERYTHING in their power to stop it. It was neglect on their part. This whole thing was a mess....and it will most definitely cause more friction between not only races, but also both political sides.

    At the moment, I think the biggest problem is political ideology..and how people immediately assume the worst of either side from 1 simple "I'm a liberal "im a republican".

    1. dummett profile image81
      dummettposted 8 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much for not undermining my question. Instead you answered it with an unpopular opinion and I appreciate that so much. I know my liberal views but I want to see someone who's not as like minded as me. Your insight is appreciated greatly!

    2. Violets3 profile image79
      Violets3posted 8 months agoin reply to this

      I tried smile

      There is so much more than just this..but it's really hard to put everything into so few words.

      I try to watch everything with open mind and play devils advocate. The best thing we can all do is be nonviolent, and LISTEN to each other!