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Are there still remnants of prejudice against only children? What makes people

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 months ago

    Are there still remnants of prejudice against only children?  What makes people

    prejudicial against only children?


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      gmwilliamsposted 13 days agoin reply to this

      Unfortunately, there is STILL prejudice against only children from the sibling society.  It is probably because only children have more individualized parental attention & time.  They also have myriad opportunities that those w/siblings DON'T & WON'T have.   Only children won't ever be dethroned & cast aside like the oldest child nor ignored & forgotten like the middle child.   Only children also have the highest self-esteem because they don't have to vie w/siblings for parental attention!  Children w/siblings oftentimes get the short end of the parental stick.  They don't get individualized parental attention.  They are prejudiced against only children because subconsciously they WISH they were ONLY children.

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      lovetherainposted 13 days agoin reply to this

      Why the creepy picture?

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        gmwilliamsposted 13 days agoin reply to this

        It is symbolism of how much vitriol people have.

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          lovetherainposted 13 days agoin reply to this

          Ok. Still creepy though.

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            gmwilliamsposted 13 days agoin reply to this

            Did for ......EFFECT, get the symbology..............

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              lovetherainposted 13 days agoin reply to this

              You seem to have a lot of vitriol concerning people with large families. Don't you think you are being hypocritical?

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                gmwilliamsposted 13 days agoin reply to this

                Not at all!  I think that large families are inexcusable, particularly in this age of advanced contraception. Large families exemplify a lack of intelligence &forethought on the part of the "parents". Large families are also animalistic, if not primitive.  In large families, there are no resources, not even the rudiments.  Children have to constantly do without because of their obtuse, psychotic parents.  Oldest children have to PARENT their siblings, having no normative childhoods themselves.  In large families, there is dependence upon outside aid because the parents cannot adequately support their large brood of children.

                In large families, poverty, even penury & want are normative lifestyles.  Children in large family environments have very limited or no opportunities to improve themselves.  They grow up in environments which make concentration camps seem like luxury resorts in comparison. They are oftentimes treated worse than slave laborers & camp inmates. They are brutalized & objectivized by their parents- they are numbers instead of individuals. 

                I am vehemently against large families. I have witnessed large families & it was a hell on earth for those children(they told me so).  They were pitied, even derided by other children! I had parents, relatives, & associates from large families & they had impoverished, hellish childhoods.  Any parent who has a large family is selfish, not being concerned about the ramifications of their acts upon the children.   I feel that 1-2 children are enough, maybe 3-4 but beyond that- NO!

                By all means, have a large family if you want your children
                (1) to grow up impoverished w/o any educational or socioeconomic opportunities
                (2) live on top of each other w/no privacy-living out in the open
                (3) oftentimes going w/o, even the necessities
                (4) having to depend upon outside aid because you were too unintelligent to have children that you could afford to raise comfortably
                (5) condemning your children to a lifetime of low earning, dead end jobs & poverty because they had to forego education to help supplement your meager income
                (6)to have no access to the normal things other children have such as medical/health resources, cultural & educational activities- just have them unhealthy & uncultured
                (7) to condemn them to inferior food, clothing, & living conditions
                (8) not to aspire to anything beyond poverty & struggle
                (9) having no decent amenities
                If you want these 9 things for your children, by all means have THAT LARGE FAMILY.


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                  Jean Bakulaposted 13 days agoin reply to this

                  I am seeing more friends and others who are having just one child now. The parents are usually waiting until they are more established, have stable jobs, and usually own their own homes. Plus, they are afraid they can't offer too much to more than one child.

                  The "stigma" of having an only child is something I lived through, and I felt out of place when my son was young. As you know, I have found the same experiences as you with large families.

                  I can recall going to my OBGYN when I was in my mid twenties, and being lectured on how I should be "getting started" if I wanted children. I had our son at 32, and a year later, at a different OBGYN, got another lecture on how I better "get going" again. As if an only child would suffer. I don't think women have it that bad anymore. At least I hope not. Since then, I always went to female gynecologists.

                  Plus, one grows up and they seem more mature, since we spend our attention on them. So although they are loved, the parents still get to have a good life, feeling enriched by being a parent, but not tied down. Nobody has the family built in babysitters they used to either. My son doesn't even want kids, he's 30 now and has so many activities, he doesn't want to give them up.

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                    gmwilliamsposted 13 days agoin reply to this


                    Hi, my friend.  What you have stated is eloquent & true.   It is good to discuss things with an intelligent person!  People who have small families are more educated & intelligent.  More educated & intelligent people have smaller families because they know about family planning & practice birth control.  There are benefits having only children for both parents & child.

                    Parents have the resources to raise their only children beyond the rudiments.  Only children are oftentimes born to affluent households where there are myriad opportunities for educational, cultural, & socioeconomic advancements which children in multiple child households DON'T & WON'T have.  Only children have 1:1 time w/parents which are beneficial for them emotionally, mentally, & psychologically. Because only children grow up in adult-centered households, they are more civilized & cultivated than children who grew up w/siblings who tend to be less civilized & cultivated. 

                    Yes, only children are FAR MORE mature than children w/siblings who are immature because they grow up primarily w/children.  According to Dr. Zajonc, a social psychologist, children who grow up primarily w/children are more intellectually backward & immature than children who grow up in an adult centered household.   Children from large families have a more backward & rudimentary mindset while only children have a more forward & advanced mindset.  I have seen this & I know you have seen this.

                    Jean, there is still remnant prejudices against only children.  Have you noticed that people from large families have THE MOST VIRULENT prejudice against only children?   If you talk to people from large families, they seem to have a hatred of small families & particularly only children.  People from large families grew up impoverished & deprived.   They experienced inhumane treatment from their parents & had to raise themselves & each other.   They endured conditions which make labor camps seem like resorts.  They have such a hard-knock life that they hate anyone who had it better than they did.

                    I am glad to be an only child.  I was free.   Only children are the luckiest of all birth orders.  You aren't a slave to your siblings.  You have freedom that those w/siblings don't have.  Only children are smarter & more creative.  Those from large families HATE onlies because they are.....ENVIOUS.  Those from large families HATE their lives but rationalize it because they are in denial.  It is similar to an abused woman defending her husband beating her.  There is a deep psychosis about large families which isn't present in small families.  I have seen this from my extended family members & childhood associates which I have long disassociated myself from.

                    You are correct.  Parents of only children have THE BEST of worlds.  They have a child but that child doesn't impinge on their freedom.  There is far less stress in one-child homes than there are in multiple child homes where there is abuse because parents are at their wits end raising a large number of children.  The large family is abusive in so many ways, especially to children.  People from large families are a different species from normal small families.