Biden Agrees To Debate President Donald Trump

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  1. Readmikenow profile image93
    Readmikenowposted 5 weeks ago


    I don't think things will go for biden in this debate.  I will be watching it.

    "Biden and Trump will debate in June and September. But the terms have changed

    President Biden and former President Donald Trump have agreed to a pair of presidential debates hosted by television networks, circumventing the schedule and traditional format proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

    Biden and Trump will first debate on June 27. The event, hosted by CNN and announced by the network and the respective campaigns, will not feature an audience and will take place at CNN's Atlanta studios.

    The second debate, hosted by ABC News, will be Sept. 10. A location has not yet been announced. … p-says-yes

    1. abwilliams profile image68
      abwilliamsposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      If Biden can find his way to the podium, he will be off to a great start!
      I plan to watch. I love the excitement in an election season, always have and debate is a big part of it! I do hope that Biden is up for the challenge!
      No matter how far this once great Nation has sunk, we must stay involved, participate in the process, VOTE... we can be great again!

      1. Readmikenow profile image93
        Readmikenowposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

        I believe biden wouldn't be debating unless it was necessary.

        He is sinking in the polls.  That was the motivation.

        I wonder if his cognitive decline will take him over.

  2. Ken Burgess profile image75
    Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks ago

    They will jack him up on his 'vitamin-cocktail' and he will be amped up like he was for the State of the Union speech and he will probably be very animated and agitated during the debate.

    It will probably go well for him actually.

    Its his Administration's track record that should be what people are most concerned about when going to the voting booth (well, those States where going to the voting booth and casting a ballot still matters).

    Contrast everything the Biden Administration supports and does... to what Trump supported and did (or tried to do despite the courts and Democrat controlled Congress being used to counter his every move).

    There are a slew of things that will be deterred or ended should Trump get elected vs. Biden.

    Provoking Russia (and others) into WWIII will end under Trump.
    Allowing in 3+ million foreigners to live off Social Services every year will end.
    Allowing men to pretend they are women, compete in their sports, invade their spaces, and receive minority protection status will end.
    Allowing children to be mutilated, crippling oil and gas production with excessive taxes and regulations, giving away hundreds of billions to foreign nations for idiocy like teaching LGBTQ+ rights in Pakistan and Uganda, funding NGOs with hundreds of billions to destroy the Nation's laws and court systems.

    The differences in directions the two Administrations would pursue could not be greater. One is bent on deconstructing American society and its economy and the other is trying to preserve it.

    If however you are interested in seeing a societal/economic collapse that could lead to something like Stalin's Russia or Mao's China then Biden is the way to go... some people are motivated by things like that, they like to see the violence and suffering brought about by tyrannical regimes... if not we wouldn't keep repeating it over and over again in human history.

  3. Readmikenow profile image93
    Readmikenowposted 5 weeks ago

    I find it interesting the restrictions for the debates.

    1. No audience.  Why?  I think it is because President Donald Trump is a better speaker and knows how to play to a crowd.
    2. No Third Party Candidates.  Why?  Kennedy is polling high enough to be part of these debates.
    3. Mics are cut off after a 3 minutes response.  I bet biden is permitted to go longer.

    President Donald Trump has said he doesn't care as long as they have to stand for two hours.

    Should be interesting.

  4. Readmikenow profile image93
    Readmikenowposted 5 weeks ago

    I find it interesting that Republicans are celebrating this debate.

    The left doesn't seem to want to talk about it.

    That speaks volumes.

  5. GoldenRod LM profile image95
    GoldenRod LMposted 5 weeks ago

    Donald is former President Trump. And, why do you not suspect that Donald has been "amped" up on a cocktail? Most of his talks impromptu are unintelligible. Besides saying," Wow" and so beautiful, etc Can't you folks find a conservative who can speak English, who took a basic logic course, and doesn't have to run from testimony of porn stars, ad infinitum? Yes, it is legal to have an affair with a porn star, but pushing it as a legitimate legal fee and claiming he didn't know her? The more you argue points for Trump, the more you dig your grave. You must think Americans are stupid?

    1. Ken Burgess profile image75
      Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      82 million of them, yes.

      Hope they enjoy their out of control inflation, their skyrocketing interest rates, the growing global violence (wars), women competing with men (as women), and all the other wonderful things less than 4 years of Biden has brought.

  6. Credence2 profile image78
    Credence2posted 5 weeks ago

    In regards to the planned debates, I like this:

    "It's not surprising that the Biden camp thinks there's a very high chance Trump freaks out in a memorable way that could cut through all the voter inattention that's helping Trump in the polls right now"

    No raucous crowds, audience, no showboating, just a one on one with a moderator, let's see how he handles that? His handlers are already nervous and are having regrets?

  7. GoldenRod LM profile image95
    GoldenRod LMposted 5 weeks ago

    I predict that during the debates it will not matter if the Donald's microphone is shut off so he doesn't interrupt. The debate aficionados will have to shut Biden's microphone off too. I can hear Trump's shouting now at the top of his lungs, not unlike a whining 2-year-old. Whoever plans this thing needs to provide an old telephone booth that also has a lock on the door so DJT can't run out until Biden has a chance to talk.

    1. GA Anderson profile image87
      GA Andersonposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      A locked phone booth? Now that's a cute mental picture.


  8. Readmikenow profile image93
    Readmikenowposted 4 weeks ago

    These presidential debates will be different.

    President Donald Trump is winning in the polls.  He just has to answer the questions and let it ride.  The key will be to let biden tell all the lies he does (one of my favorites it that the economy had 9% inflation when he took office and it was actually 1.4%) and let the fact-checkers do the rest.

    I should be interesting.

    1. tsmog profile image84
      tsmogposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      Yes, you are interesting. Just kidding about wink

      1. Readmikenow profile image93
        Readmikenowposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

        "Yes, you are interesting."

        I've been described in such a way many times.

        I think I must now own that description of me.  wink

  9. Credence2 profile image78
    Credence2posted 4 weeks ago

    Trump will make a fool of himself now that he actually will have to account for himself and his proposed policies on stage, without a cheering section. In his narcissistic fears and weaknesses, he will lash out and show us all just how big a clown he is and how totally inadequate for the job he is.

    He has avoided debates for a reason.

    He will screw up, he always does and I will wait for it.

    1. Readmikenow profile image93
      Readmikenowposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      "He has avoided debates for a reason."

      I don't think that is exactly true.  President Donald Trump has stated in the press that he will debate biden "any place and any time more than once.  In order to call out biden, he spoke to an empty podium as if biden was there.  Great entertainment.

      Avoiding the opportunity to debate biden is not something you can lay on President Donald Trump.


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