Yay Boehner! Good start!

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  1. AnnCee profile image66
    AnnCeeposted 13 years ago

    I'll bet PP demonstrators are crying in their beers right now.

    Cut $40 Billion, not bad for a start. 

    The Democrats blinked.

    Boehner didn't.


    1. DTR0005 profile image60
      DTR0005posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      This is draw at best - and the Tea Baggers didn't get the PP cookie - $39 billion vs $100 billion.... yes, this was a clear victory for the Tea Party (?)

    2. Ron Montgomery profile image61
      Ron Montgomeryposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Hard to blink when you're crying.

      1. DTR0005 profile image60
        DTR0005posted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Picture this: Boehner having just burned one in the men's room blowing smoke into Obama's face. The two scuffle, the black guy pulls a blade and does a Stooges' number on Boehner's tie. I dunno.. I like to think this happened.

  2. Ron Montgomery profile image61
    Ron Montgomeryposted 13 years ago

    If this is what the teabaggers call a victory, I wish them many more "victories".

    Try to end Planned Parenthood funding?  Fail

    Try to screw the environment by handcuffing the EPA? Fail

    Try to use military personnel as pawns to advance the Koch agenda? Fail

    Stop funding NPR?  Fail

    The teabaggers whip their useful idiots into a frenzy yet give them zero achievements.

    Circular firing squad.

  3. earnestshub profile image80
    earnestshubposted 13 years ago

    Wow! Never let the facts get in the way of a story. smile

  4. Mighty Mom profile image77
    Mighty Momposted 13 years ago

    Boehner did a good job herding his cats.
    I wouldn't go so far as to say the Dems blinked and he didn't.
    Both sides got some big wins.
    It's not like the Dems don't want to cut spending.
    It's just that they take into consideration the very real human consequences.

    But I have to wonder (aloud). Where was the outrage and outcry during eight years of Bush spending frenzy?

  5. lovemychris profile image76
    lovemychrisposted 13 years ago

    Back when Bush was spending, it was USA USA USA

    Now, since they are throwing the wool that Pres isn't American, they can't scream Kenya  Kenya  Kenya, can they? Ahahaha

    Also--I would love to know why these people can criticize Obama without being called anti-American traitors who hate the troops?

    I need to know why.

    And, I kind of like Boehner. He's calmed down now that his role is not to rail on Obama at every turn.

    1. Druid Dude profile image62
      Druid Dudeposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah. Better get in the breadline now...it's gonna get awfully crowded.

  6. Doug Hughes profile image59
    Doug Hughesposted 13 years ago

    From CNN

    "More dissent comes from Judson Phillips, head of the Tea Party Nation, the group that last year put on the first national Tea Party convention.

    Phillips, who has been very critical recently of House Speaker John Boehner’s actions when it comes to the budget, asks in an email to supporters,

    “Can someone please tell me how this is anything other than John Boehner hauling up the white flag because he is unwilling to fight? Can anyone please tell me how this is anything but a complete victory for the liberal Democrats....."

    1. profile image60
      logic,commonsenseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      It may not be a complete victory for the Dems, but it is a victory for them.
      When we have a deficit of over a trillon dollars and they think 33 billion is a big deal, they are just whistling in the dark.
      Boehner is just reverting to what has become the typical Republican action.  Can't tell the two parties apart.

  7. Mighty Mom profile image77
    Mighty Momposted 13 years ago

    Cuts-only deficit reduction is not feasible.
    This deficit wasn't made in a year and it can't be solved in a year.
    More revenue coming in -- maybe from the big boys at GE, perhaps -- would really help.
    Just a thought.
    P.S. The Tea Party has shown it is NOT all about the cuts. It's all about their conservative social agenda.
    I guess in their mind they are one and the same....

    As I said earlier, I give Boehner credit for not shutting down the government as the more extreme members of "his" party wanted to do.
    I put "his" in quotation marks because I'm not really sure that the TP is really part of the GOP. It's its own party. The GOP should dump them. They'd be a lot better off....

    1. Jeff Berndt profile image73
      Jeff Berndtposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      If the Tea Party folks wanted to really balance the budget, they'd put aid to Israel on the chopping block, along with defense spending, corporate subsidies, and tax cuts.

      But the Left aren't much better. If they'd had the courage to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire, the deficit wouldn't be nearly as bad.

    2. profile image60
      logic,commonsenseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Well, when I do not have the income coming in, I do a cuts only deficit reduction.  Some of the things I would like to do or have, are put off.  Can't work anymore hours unless I want to go without sleep.  Have to pay taxes.  We don't need to raise taxes, just collect from those they should pay.  Including GE.  Do you think that Geithner would have paid his taxes due, if would not have been appointed Treasury Secretary?  He is not the only one.  Both Dems and Repubs have been guilty.
      How about rescinding the 200 million the UAW is getting for early retirees, from those of us who pay taxes?  How many children can we save with that money?  How many hungry people can we feed?  How many homeless can we house with that?  Libs say the Repubs don't care about the poor, how about the UAW?

      Congress passed the spending bills, why can't they pass cost cutting bills?

      1. Doug Hughes profile image59
        Doug Hughesposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Excuse me? When did the UAW become a branch of government?

    3. habee profile image93
      habeeposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Agree. Most TP members are too extreme.

  8. AnnCee profile image66
    AnnCeeposted 13 years ago

    Obama wanted $40 Billion increase, had to swallow a $38.5 Billion cut.  Win.

    Obama swore he wouldn't sign a temporary measure.  Bluff.

    Reid wanted no cuts, had to swallow a $38.5 Billion cut.  Win.

    Reid refused to allow debate on Obamacare and funding for PP on the floor.   He has agreed to a full debate on both issues where the problems will be aired for a whole new audience.  Win.

    Boehner called their bluff.

    He had only asked for $32 Billion in cuts initially.  He got MORE THAN HE THOUGHT HE COULD GET.

    Plus he herded cats doing it and he didn't play slappy face with the Democrats.   He just gave them long level looks and proceeded.  Good leadership I'd say.

    I expect Reid will try to weasle out of the debates and I expect Boehner will prevail. 

    People are sick of weasles and looking for strong leadership, not the strong BULLYSHIP we've seen from this administration.

    1. canadawest99 profile image60
      canadawest99posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Are you another paid shill or what.  Do some reading.   Everyone lost in that show down including the american people.  It took almost 1 month to negotiate a $38 billion dollar spending cut, while at the same time the american deficit climbed 85 billion.   

      The real showdown is in may when the u.s. will default on its debt obligations or be forced to cut a few hundred billion and send the economy into freefall.  Raising the debt ceiling is akin to asking for an extension from the bank which just proves your insolvent.


      Note how the defense spending is exactly equal to the deficit,  Tells you something doesn't it.

    2. DTR0005 profile image60
      DTR0005posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I kind of like Boehner, but thus far he has been a pretty piss-poor Speaker. But, in his defense, he does have perhaps the whackiest collection of "law makers" to grace Capitol Hill since the Civil War to try to wrangle.


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