The war on working America, EPA = More Unemployment, Higher Prices

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    uncorrectedvisionposted 6 years ago … _blog.html

    Here it comes, another round of Obama miracles.  It is a dark miracle that is crushing the America economy.  It is a dark miracle that is crashing the dollar.  It is a dark miracle that will undo over 100 years of history.  America will no longer be the largest economy in the world.  A position it has held since 1905.  A historical Presidency.

    Gasoline prices are holding at high prices and now the electricity to charge your golf cart for the 25 mile commute to the only job you could get 3 years ago will cost far more.  Thanks, Barry!

    What next forced famine to kill off the kulacks, like that great Democrat hero, Josef Stalin?  Welcome to the "Green " economy.