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5 Ways to Use Love Text Messages to Excite Your Partner

Updated on June 25, 2014

Love Text Messages to Excite Your Partner

Text messages are here to stay; as a matter of fact they’re fast becoming a convenient way of expressing love between partners. Why wouldn’t they? At the press of a button, you’re able to say what would have taken five or more minutes if you called. Love text messages are rapidly replacing long, almost unending love e-mails. The inconvenience that comes with texting is perhaps what has led to their rise in popularity. You can now let your partner know how much you’re into him or her from anywhere; in the office, home, in the bus and so on. So, what are some of the ways you can use love text messages to excite your partner? Let’s find out

1. Send Your Partner Compliments… Who doesn’t love complements? We all love it when our partners say good things about us. We feel appreciated and loved. Complementing your partner is very essential in boosting their confidence. Your partner will feel treasured and as such will be able to love you more. The mere thought that there is someone who appreciates their love is a reason enough to get your partner excited. Complement your partner as many times as you can, it makes them feel satisfied.

Text Messages to Excite Your Partner

2. Send Casual “I am Thinking About You” Text… To excite your partner through love messages let him or her know randomly that they’re on your mind. Let you partner know that you long for him or her and what he or she brings into your life. To make sure the intended effect takes place, be sure to send the text when your partner least expects it. In addition keep the texts precise and small in number lest you they drop their efficacy.

3. Send Flirty Text Message… Text messages which flirts your partner will be definitely excite him or her. When you flirt with your partner, you’re basically telling him or her that you find them appealing sexually. Send your partner a text that will stick in their minds for long. It’s imperative to mention that you don’t have to be explicit to flirt with your partner. Of course after being with your partner for some time you know what tickles his or her fancy, so know what exactly to send without sounding offensive.

5. Let Your Partner Know they’re Part of Your Fantasy… That you’re in love with your partner may mean he or she makes part of your fantasy. Your partner will be tickled if you share some these fantasies. How deep you go into explaining the fantasies depends on how close you’re with each other and of course what time of the day it is. For instance, you can't share your fantasies with your partner when you know he or she is busy at work.

Making your partner excited through love text messages is relatively easy if you play by the rules. You have the task to know when it’s most appropriate to send them because timing is of utmost importance. If your timing is wrong, you may not get the desired results.


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