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How to Rekindle Romance and Keep the Relationship Alive

Updated on July 11, 2015

4 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Let’s face it, relationships are not easy. The excitement we feel when the relationship is new sadly fades off with time but that’s just the way it is. It’s for this reason that spending some time every day learning how to rekindle romance becomes very important. Make every moment a learning moment and seek to discover something new in your partner. Like rekindling romance is not hard enough, you have to keep it alive which by extension means sustaining the relationship for the long haul. Here’s how;

1. Start a New Leisure Pursuit Together… Engage in new a new hobby together that will keep you and your partner excited. Look for classes and workshops in your area of interest such as dancing lessons, creative writing, pottery and culinary classes as well as yoga.

You can learn a foreign language or join a sports team in your town’s recreational unit. Learning a new hobby together automatically sparks communication and gives you a chance to work in conjunction with each other while offering support to each other as well.

2. Take a Vacation… While you may be busy or engaged at work for the better part of the year, take an annual vacation so you have time to bond. You can agree to save together so that each partner feel part and parcel of the whole arrangement. If you can’t have time for an annual vacation due to commitments at work, you can plan for small adventures throughout the year.

Taking time to relax on a vacation brings you closer to each other and offers you the chance to discuss your short and long tern ambitions. It gives you a chance to have up close and personal moments where you can talk about anything and everything because that’s how to rekindle romance.

3. Take Interest in Your Partner’s Recreational Activities… If your partner knows how to cook, spend a few hours every week with him or her trying to learn a thing or two about cooking. You can even have your significant half write for you their favorite recipes so you can practice when alone.

You can start reading his favorite book and watching his favorite movies too. When you become interested in your partner’s recreational activities, you start to understand them better and appreciating them becomes easier because somehow you get to know who they really are and what tickles their fancies.

4. Work Together… Take time out and assist your partner with work projects, house cleaning, clearing the yard as well as tag teaming projects. Your endeavor on how to rekindle romance can be greatly boosted if you work together because in the end you feel proud about your achievements. Working together also makes you remember that you can do more as a team as opposed to doing it alone not to mention that you’ll enjoy more quality time together.

Unless you work hard to make a relationship work, you may be jumping from one relationship to the other. However, being selfless and learning how to rekindle a romance not only saves you heartaches but makes a well-rounded lover too.


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