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How to Rekindle a Dying Relationship or Marriage

Updated on July 11, 2015

Rekindling a Dying Relationship

Is your relationship or marriage headed down south right now? Do you wish you could turn back the hands of time and relive the times when you were so into each other? Well, you could bring back the good times depending on the rekindle relationship strategies you adopt. You will also have to work hard to make sure it happens. Bringing back the romance to a relationship or marriage is not as hard as you think, as matter of fact it involves going back to the simple things you tend to ignore. Here’s how to get bring back the love;

Go Back to the Basics… This is where it all starts. Ask yourself, what attracted you to your partner? Do you still see the same qualities in him or her today? We all tend to forget what attracted us to our partners over time which then leads to frustrations and anger. But if you took time and revisited the initial attraction you will start appreciating your partner even more because chances are he or she is the same person you fell in love back then. If you both have cell phones text some romantic texts to bring the romance back.

See Your Partner’s Positive Side… The reason why most relationships and marriages breakdown is because we tend to shift the focus on our partner’s wrong doings instead of looking at their positive attributes. We become so engrossed in faulting our partners to an extent of not seeing anything good in them. If you’re serious, rekindling the relationship the journey starts by finding something good in everything you partner does. While this may not be possible all the time, talk to your partner about his or her behaviors that you don’t like. In the same breath, you should try as much as possible to exhibit your positive side as well.

Seek Advice… Sometimes relationships and marriages become too overwhelming that we can’t handle matters on our own. It is at such times that some relationship advice comes in handy. There are a lot of places where you can get help; from older couples to relationship experts to reading magazines and websites that offer help to troubled couples. Somehow, there’s someone out there who will always know something we don’t. You’re better off learning from others how they handled the same situation you’re in and came out happier.

Have a Candid Talk… When things don’t go the way we want them to in a marriage or relationship, most of the times we tend to withdraw and keep to ourselves and therein lays the recipe for disaster. Opening to each other opens the window for reconciliation and helps you improve the relationship. Talking to each other is a tested and proved rekindle relationship approach and a major step towards true understanding.

Relationships and marriages are meant to be fun-filled and exciting. The thought of sharing your inner most feelings to a person you love can be very gratifying. However, we live in an imperfect world where possibilities of colliding are imminent. The beauty of it is that we have a chance to correct whatever it is that brought about the misunderstanding if good rekindle relationship tactics are implemented.

Why not try a candlelight romantic dinner just for two and start rekindling the dying relationship.


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