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10 Steps on How to Keep a Healthy Relationship

Updated on July 11, 2015

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

While being is a relationship is good, keeping it healthy can be a bit tasking. When the relationship is new, everything seems to work perfectly as you warm up to each other. However, as it progresses, simple dynamics tend to be overlooked and it’s not until the relationship is headed for an imminent break up that partners start to re-evaluate how well they’ve been playing their roles in the relationship.

You’ve to learn how to keep a healthy relationship if you want it to stand the test of time. Below is a comprehensive look at 10 steps to follow for a healthier relationship.

1. Be Responsible for Your Own Happiness… While you partner might try to thrill and entertain you, it’s your determination to keep yourself happy that really matter in the end. Avoid arguments when you can; they are unhealthy and can lead to a breakup if you don’t know how to handle them.

2. Keep Your Word… When you make a promise, make sure you fulfill it. Never say something you don’t mean so as to please your partner. If you say you’ll buy your partner a present for instance, don’t blow it off because you’ll steadily ruin trust. Now, we all know trust is a very core component of a healthy relationship.

3. Admit Mistakes… You have to recognize that we are all human and are bound to err at on time or the other. When you’re in the wrong, admit and apologize. Likewise when your partner wrongs you, try as much as you can to understand and forgive them too.

4. Be Real… You’re bound to experience rough patches once in a while when in a relationship. Instead of walking away, try resolving whatever issues you may be facing as it makes you reconcile much faster. Reconsider your expectations because that’s how to keep a healthy relationship.

5. Lend Your Partner an Ear… Be ready to listen to your partner regardless of his or her needs. Be genuinely sympathetic about the issues they’re faced with and offer genuine advice too. Being a good listener not only enhances your relationship but averts possible arguments as well.

6. Show Your Affection… Don’t be afraid to show you partner you love him or her. Just remember that there’s a huge difference between letting your partner know you love them and showing them you love them. Through affection, you can show your partner how much you love them.

7. Be Faithful… Forget the arguments; loyalty is the building block of any relationship. You cannot learn how to keep a healthy relationship if your loyalty is questionable. Be as open as you can to your partner while expecting the same degree of openness in return.

8. Allow for Space… Everyone needs time alone, be it for privacy or freedom. Don’t be too overprotective. I am sure you’d also hate it if your partner kept watching every move you make. That you trust each should be a reason enough for you to allow your partner to spend time on their own.

9. Never Keep Anything to Yourself… Share your feelings with your partner; whether good or bad, after all they say a problem shared is a problem solved. As a matter of fact, that’s the reason he or she is your partner, to share in your experiences; the past and the present as well as the future.

10. Encourage Your Partner… Cheer your partner on in everything he or she does. Encouraging your partner not only boosts their morale but gives them the urge to push on with whatever endeavor they’ve embarked on. It also makes them take comfort in the thought that you support them in everything they do.

It is the simple things that keep a relationship thriving. Discovering how to keep a healthy relationship involves practicing these things every day the main aim being deriving happiness and understanding in every situation. Also sending some romantic texts will keep things fresh and exciting.


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