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Romantic Love Text Messages to Say I Love You

Updated on November 27, 2014

Romantic Love Text Messages

I love you! These are three simple words yet very powerful, especially when used in a relationship. In the same breath, these are equally romantic words if delivered in the correct manner. Sending your partner romantic love text messages to say I love you to your partner is not only romantic and easy but cheap as well.

Depending on how creative you’re they can be surprising and touching. Having said so, the biggest question then becomes, what do you send? How do say it in a romantic way to send the intended message in the right manner?

Before we look at some of the romantic love texts messages to say I love you that you may consider sending to you partner, it’s imperative to mention that sending a romantic text can be challenging particularly if you’ve never sent one before. However, the key to making it sound romantic is by being a little bit creative.


You don’t have to try so hard, I mean, the fact that you’re already in love with your partner should give you some ideas on what to say make it sound really romantic. Think of the things you love about your partner and what keeps you attracted then put it in a text. To set your wheels rolling, here are a few romantic love text messages for you;

· I am at my best when I am around you, the reason why I love you even more.

· You don’t have any idea how you complete me, I love you so much.

· I will love you as long as the stars shine above me.

· Loving you is all I want to do.

· I am committed to loving you, I promise to never love someone else, and you’re worth the sacrifice.

· I don’t imagine being with someone else, I love you so much.

· I would never trade you with someone else, the love I have for you won’t let me do it.

· When you need someone to talk to, I will always be here my love.

· I treasure every moment I spend with you, thank you for loving me.

· I was born to love you.

· I am letting the whole world know that in you I found solace, my love for you cannot be measured.

· If my boat sank, I know you won’t let me drown. I fall I know you won’t let me touch the ground. I love you.

· I love you from the bottom of my heart.

· If you let me, I will be yours eternally.

. In you my dreams come true, you made me believe in love again, I love you.

. I don't want this to end, love was meant to be like this.

There are also many texts you can send to get the romance back if that’s what you need.

When you’re in love there’s so much to say, which surprisingly comes almost naturally without trying. Expressing the love you have to your partner is one of the most romantic things you’ll ever do when you’re in a relationship. Like they say, don’t hesitate to let someone special know how much he or she means to you lest someone beats you to it.

Send your partner romantic love text messages whenever you can. Never miss an opportunity to show your love in words and don’t squander the chance once you have it.


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