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How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Don't Have Many Friends

Updated on March 8, 2013

When it comes to having friends oftentimes quality is better than quantity. What is the use of having so many friends when most of them aren’t sincere, compassionate and real, anyway? keep in mind that friendship will be more satisfying if it is enduring and strong enough to withstand any challenges in the future.

If you have friends that are reliable, trustworthy, loyal, kind, considerate, helpful and other desirable attributes, consider yourself very lucky.

Bear in mind that if you have few friends this will not certainly imply that you are not amiable and nice to be with. It is just that you are so selective and cautious.

Here are things to feel good even you have lesser number of friends:

Don’t worry even if you are alone and not in the company of your friends. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, seeing your bosom friend once in few months (or even for few years) can make your heart jumping for joy. Time gap will give allow you to miss your friends a lot and value the memorable moments you have had with them even more.

And set some doable goals and categorize them as either short-term or long-term. Celebrate every time you accomplish a goal whether big or small. Bask in your victory and reward yourself by indulging yourself with your favorite food, buy a coveted stuff or eat in a fast food, restaurant, diner and the like.

Keep yourself busy by learning new skills, engaging in a sport or hobby during your spare time.

Be financially stable by reinforcing further your current disposition thru taking up a masteral degree, putting more effort in your work and attending seminars and trainings as many as you can. Promotion is around the corner and favors those who value commitment, dedication and perseverance.

Spend a lot of your time with your lover or family to the best of your abilities. When you are with your loved one(s) there is no need for you to yearn for many friends.

Keep in mind that having many friends can be expensive and at the same time will require a lot of your time. With just few yet quality friends you can be assured that you will not spend much and you will have more time with far more important things like improving further on work.

If you have few friends this might imply that you have enemies. Why not make a turn around. Find out which traits that drives away potential friends and once you spotted these, it is about time to get rid of them right away. This will help you gain friends in the future.

You may settle the differences you have had with enemies that have the potential of becoming loyal and great friends. Many enduring friendships started on a right foot but eventually become great friends since both parties just know well the things that can be upsetting.

Thanks a lot for the read!

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    • YiMin profile image

      YiMin 5 years ago from Malaysia

      I agree with you that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to making friends. Some might think that this person may not be social enough but having too many friends will divert our attentions from those who really care about us. Thanks for sharing.