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Ways to let your kids or children have friends

Updated on March 8, 2013

Making friends is vital to the growth and development of children. It helps your children learn more about life even further. Your children understand when to depend and when to be independent. Aside from socialization skills your kids may extract from having friends, your kids are expected to develop their physical and emotional skills, which are all essential when they grow up.

Here are some important tips to help your kids have friends:

  • Come early or better come late. This will give your kids the opportunity to interact with his classmates. Find time to be out of the picture. Your child will not make friends unless you step back.
  • Befriend other mommies. Better still, make a schedule or play date or come up with a meeting in a fast-food chain store that is equipped with a play area.
  • Pack an extra snack or treats that your child will share to others. This will not only make your child generous
  • Be on a look out for things that will let your kid have a conversation or bond over with what transpired on school or with his neighborhood friends.
  • Inculcate essential social skills like sharing, taking turns and utilizing a “nice” voice at home. Also, try to work with the teacher. Ask how your child behaves in a group like does “she participate,” speak up,” or “share.”
  • Teach your child not to discriminate.
  • Encourage your kids to sports. This will not only instill the value of discipline and having a healthy and strong body it also teaches your kid about the value of teamwork.
  • Turn your kid into a wise young ‘un. Read books and bible with him. Teach him good values and other aid him accumulate useful skills. Instilling good values and making him smart will help him deal with the other kids very well.
  • Being friendly is indeed one of the nice attributes your child must possess. But see to it that you set some limits too such as shunning away from kids that lacks in good manners and from total strangers.
  • Your kid will soon be an adult in the coming years and bear in mind that play, playing and plaything can play an important role on his growth and development.

Here you have it some nice cues that your kids might in need in collecting the right friends that he needs as he cruise through what we called life.

Here you have it folks some essential tips to help your children or kids have friends.


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    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 6 years ago

      You mention some great points! Parents really must do whatever they can to ensure their children grow up in a healthy and normal way. Good hub! Voted up and useful!

    • fordie profile image

      fordie 6 years ago from China

      Thanks. This is a big issue on my mind. My 5 year old has just started at Primary School in China - and is the only boy in his year to have a laowai (foreigner) daddy. He seems to be doing OK