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Why other people find it difficult to have an enduring friendship

Updated on March 8, 2013

Why some people cannot have a lasting friendship

How to Lose a Friend in Few Minutes? It is said that friends are valuable since they can help us guide through the intricate mazes of life. They can provide us cheers and delight. Help us with our mundane tasks. Oftentimes they provide us with essential ideas to solve and resolve our problems. They can even crack jokes at times to bring forth a cheerful environment.

As we all know, not all is well, since there are times that they can also give us with stiinging setbacks, big and small, accidentally or intentionally. Keep in mind though, that not all friends are beneficial since some (even most) of them will just make use of you. Some friends will even talk of your shortcomings at your back which I think an exploit that reek to heavens. But the worst friends perhaps are the ones that are capable of exploiting you and your weaknesses to their advantage.

Here are some factors why some people are finding it hard to establish an enduring friendship with others:

Being self-centered. If you are egotistical do not expect that you are going to have a lasting friendship with anybody else. If you always think of your welfare all the time and reaching to the point of making others feel that they are at disadvantage already, you are bound to get lonely in the future.

Being dominant. If you always feel and act like that you are always superior, chances are you are making your friends at the end of the poles as inferior. Do not dominate a conversation at all times and belittle your friends with their capabilities, and way of thinking and magnify their flaws.

Being a traitor. Back-stabbing may cause an injustice in a friendship. It is not cool to talk of your friend’s shortcomings and mistakes at his back, doing this will surely make a big gap that will take a lot of time to fill.

Being a vulgar. Secrets entrusted should be kept and preserved no matter what. If you want to steer clear from potential troubles keep things that are confidential intact at all times.

Be decisive. If you fall in love with a friend of opposite sex, think many times over, if you really want to level up one notch higher relationship. For if your relationship as lovers (if you’ll get lucky) will not prosper, expect that your friendship will be shattered.

Lies. If you keep on bombarding your friends with lies you will surely end up having not even one of them in the end. Wrong and deceptive information will just cause strain in a friendship.

Hurtful words. Unkind and cruel words in any forms will leave a lasting wound to a friend that will a take very long time to heal.

Being a stubborn loser at all times. Who would like to hang out with a friend who seems to carry the whole world on his shoulders? Cheer up, will yah! Let problems takes its own course on solving itself. It is okay to bring up your problems to your friends, but doing this often is not appropriate. Instead of feeling anxious and worried all the time, have a cheerful mood and project a blissful disposition so you will not able to discourage your friends from sticking to you.

Exploiting a friend. Taking advantage of a friend’s generosity, resources, talents or persona is not cool thing to do. Genuine friendship calls for mutual benefits on both sides of the party, and read this: "not only one of them is favored most of the time."

Here is the list of things that might assail friends and can be enough grounds to burn the bridges of friendship.

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