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The importance of intimate friendship

Updated on March 8, 2013


What is a friend? What is friendship? There are different friendships such as acquaintances, casual friendships, close friendships and intimate friendships. We have acquaintances, and these are the people that we recognize and greet them with their names. Casual friendships are the people that we have continued contact. Close friendships are enhanced through shared interests, hobbies and passion, and spend a time in some activities together.

But of all the friendships that exist everyone would yearn for the intimate friendship. These are pals that will stick with you through thick and thin even when you are facing tough odds and challenges. They empathetic and will authentically interested in what is good and beneficial to you. They will always tell the truth, even if it hurts at some point. But this is okay, though, because they are always after your welfare, health, security, interests, happiness, safety, comfort and well-being.

When you are in difficulties or facing a tough situation, intimate friends are the ones that you can rely on. Everyone yearn to have intimate friends who will be there for you no matter what. They will also not make lies and hide something from you. They are supportive with your goals and endeavors. They will crack jokes to make the atmosphere aesthetic. The will cheer for you when the need to be rooted for arises. They will even defend you from your enemies.

Do you have friends? Are you sure that your friends are dependable? Who are your friends? Do you think you are a good friend? What kind of friendship do you like? There are indeed a lot of questions to ponder upon, but once you know you are a great friend it is expected that you will find a friend that you can rely on and of your caliber. This really works. But keep in mind that there is no perfect friendship, for your friend may let you down at some point along the way and even hand you disappointments and vice-versa. No matter what, settle quickly your differences and disagreement, for true friendship will endure amid very difficult situation.

Intimate friends are rarity and once you find him/her, endeavor to nurture your friendship with him/her. For true and intimate friends will surely double your joy, will add more spice to your life and cinched to endure.

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