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My Planned Life

Updated on February 21, 2011
Let Love Happen
Let Love Happen | Source

Is everything in your life already in order, then you meet someone who you know will throw the balance in your life off. You seriously ponder and worry about changing the balance in your life. You seem to have everything in your life sorted out and together and this person might break that path you were on.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind for love, sometimes you have to cross over your balance? This would mean taking the normal routine of your life and making a few changes. Have you ever felt you wanted someone to giggle with, someone to give you another way of thinking to enhance your normal way of doing things? Someone to go through hard times with, and then come out on the other side with? Haven’t you ever wanted to sit back and smile from the pleasant thoughts that someone can bring to your life.

Why miss this feeling:

One day before I knew it I turned around

and there you were. It was nothing planned,

it was nothing set out for. We talked, laughed and spent

many days talking over candles with a glass in our hands.

You made me smile; I had you smiling too. We took long walks with

the sun setting over our backs. You held me gently,

kissed my face and made me feel my life would be

all right. I spent many days and nights’ day dreaming of

you and I and how you made me feel content and calm…

Yes, we’ve had our fights and bad times

but all in all you showed me love and

taught me how to be in love. With everything

We’ve been through

One day I woke up and love just happened.

Why would someone want to fight this feeling to stick to the regular balance you’ve been used to? Why not take the chance to have that nice feeling for someone? There’s nothing wrong with a little disruption from the norm. By crossing that balance you may find that happiness you’ve always pursued. Yes, your life will be forever changed, but think of that silly giggle with someone. Think of that other voice of reason to give you a better outlook of thinking, one you would have never thought of.

Don’t plan your life, cross over from your regular balance. Shake up your life a little and you may be surprised to find a life long partner to give you something beautiful that you may have never planned for.


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