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Pre-approval and interview tips (for the Filipino beneficiary)

Updated on December 8, 2012
You're going to need this for the Adjustment of Status (AOS)
You're going to need this for the Adjustment of Status (AOS) | Source

Guide US K1 Fiancée/ Fiancé Visa: Step 3/4

  • Are you currently wearing braces? If not. Skip this part and go jump ahead to the main topic. If you are, continue reading......Visit your dentist 2x a month to expedite the treatment. Depending on the movement of your teeth, 4-6 mos of waiting the approval will give you enough time to finish your treatment. American dentists will have to start all over once you come here with your braces still on. Depending on your dental insurance, some will cover 75% of it but the cost is usually starts at $3,000. They will not "continue" what your previous dentist did due to differences and liability concerns. Your Filipino or current dentist will definitely not issue your dental records either.


    1. Police Clearance: "A police certificate is required from a country in which the applicant lived for more than one year (six months if you are applying for a K visa) after turning 16 years of age." . If you have never been out of the Philippines, you just need to produce a NBI Clearance. To some countries, police certificates are considered to be unavailable to applicants who no longer resides there like in UAE so the USEM doesn't expect them to produce it, so be sure check it out what's applicable. Some will require a letter from US embassy and US embassy will just issue it once you your approval (I-797 form) or on the day of your interview.
    2. Carefully check your Birth Cert. There are little details that are often overlooked even if it's been with you ever since you can remember. You will have problems getting your passport if it's not fixed: misspellings, unreadable BC, blank information. You have to fix it before you go to DFA. It happened to me.
    3. Don't get your CENOMAR or NBI way too early. You will be asked to resubmit a latest one at the time of your interview if it's 5-6mos old even if it's still valid.
    4. If you have obtained a Certified True copy of your BC in the past, you can still use that. There's no expiration, unless if you had some correction in your BC. It is however advised to get an extra copy for the future use when you get here in the US.
    5. NBI Clearance will take 2 weeks if you have a hit (NBI Taft). Cenomar (NSO Quezon Ave.) will take 5 working days. If you are certain you have a hit, don't bother going at Robinsons. Go directly at Taft Avenue.
    6. Bring your passport at BPI when paying for your visa fee. They will need to check yor passport number. If you forgot it but you have your passport number with you, you will have to sign a waiver indicating that if your passport number is incorrect, they will not give your money back because the passport wasn't presented at the time of the payment. If you have on online account in BPI, you can also pay it there. Also, careful.
    7. After paying your interview fee at BPI, wait at least 4hrs before you schedule an appointment. If you are scheduling it online, make sure you choose the right link path when clicking stuff to schedule online. If you are on for a K-1 visa, choose, non immigrant visa. You have to go on this site before you head to BPI. Secure the BPI receipt. It will be asked on the day of the interview.
    8. The DS 156 (with the barcode) will tend to have an error. Make sure you have an ample time to prepare it. Don't wait to print it a day before your interview. If you run into a problem printing, just wait, try another day and change browser.
    9. Buy a suitcase looking docs organizer made out of plastic (Not sure if it's called clutch organizer. It has separator inside and you can name each tabs). Interviewer will ask specific docs so it should be easy to find and accessible. It doesn't have to be in a clearbook or be cut into different folders.
    10. Affidavit of support I-134should have an original signature of the petitioner. ITR, W2, pay stubs, petitioner can be a photocopy. If you don't want to pay FedEx with $70, just ask your fiances to send it via registered mail, a month in advance of your interview.
    11. Once you learned at you are approved either you will can NVC to get your Manila Case number or wait for the mail of of your fiancé. You cannot proceed with the medical or interview without the Manila Case number.


    1. SLMC is also where the New Zealand, Australia and Canada applicants are having their medical exam.
    2. Just go there whenever you want. Appointment isn't needed but if you can, fill out the form at SLMC website.
    3. Lining up like 2-3am there may let you finish the entire process in one day but it's not a guarantee. The standard medical procedure process is still 2-3 days.
    4. You are on your own there. No one's allowed to get inside but you.
    5. Eat breakfast. You can't bring any food inside the SLMC but you can bring a bottled water and just refill it from the drinking fountain.
    6. There will be loooong wait specially on the physical and vaccination part. Either you bring a book, psp, laptop or bring a friend who's going through the same process as you just to kill time.
    7. Go to St.Lukes for medical exam like 2 weeks before your scheduled interview. Anything could come up on the result and you may have to reschedule your appointment. It happened to me.
    8. Make sure you remember when was the first and last day of your menstruation.
    9. If you ever had a sexual contact before your medical exam, you may not be given a shot on the suspicion that you're pregnant.
    10. Make sure you have your DS3025 (vaccination record sheet) and your CD before you leave St. Lukes. Keep that record (and make multiple copies), you're going to need it in the US.


    1. Don't line up way too early. 15-30mins earlier than your appointment is fine as they are NOT actually calling your number on a first come first served basis.
    2. Make sure you ate breakfast and have drink enough water. There are pushcart stores there but don't drink too much as you may frequently go to the restroom. Your number could flash anytime so be attentive.
    3. The glass window's hole is small. Let us say say 2-3 inches thick. So don't bring too many pictures in a photo album. 8 different pictures taken from different places, with different clothing and company of people in it is fine.
    4. Prepare your ongoing relationship evidence in an organized manner. Chatlogs, emails and screenshots will be most likely NOT needed but better to get it ready. A sample of each month will do. Do not print the entire archive.
    5. Leave your cellphones, PSP, tablet, camera, scissors, cutters, bottled cologne at home/hotel. Don't be stubborn (like me) because they can detect it on the x-ray machine. If you accidentally brought a prohibited item, either you pay P150-250 for someone from outside to look after your things or you'll pitch it.
    6. Only the applicant and the petitioner will be allowed inside. If your fiancé/husband wishes to come with you, have him bring his US passport. Other than that, there will be no communication between you and your chaperone and it's a long wait. If you can do it on your own, just don't bring anyone with you. T
    7. If you didn't understand the instruction, JUST ASK. If you don't ask, your paper will just tend to sit there with you for nothing. There are Filipino peeps there in blue shirt that are willing to help you. I was personally confused which door to go in to because there's lot of them.
    8. Bring a coat. It's too cold.
    9. You will be interviewed by the window not in the room. You will also be asked to raise your right hand before the American consul starts asking questions.
    10. Questions are basic: What's the name of the petitioner, When did you meet, when was the last time you've seen each other, Was he/ were you married before, does he have any children, etc. Answer these with A SINGLE WORD or yes or no. No need to ramble. You will be done in 3-5 minutes.
    11. No one's denied based on clothing but wear something semi formal. A blouse paired with jeans and closed shoes is fine.


    1. Just attend the CFO seminar once you have the visa at hand so you won't have to comeback just to get the sticker.
    2. Know your mother-in-law/or to be's maiden last name. It'll be asked.
    3. Call your prospective choice of location before coming over to check if they have other requirements aside from what is posted online. Some offices are tougher than the other. I was only asked for the original passport, visa and the 3 photocopies of each, plus P650 and I am done.


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      Gladys Familaran 

      5 years ago

      Very useful. Thanks for posting. Voted up!


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