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You Should Mind If I Am Away From You

Updated on November 4, 2010

This person you love or are in a relationship with, do you prefer to be with them or are you happy being away from them? When you feel you feel so deeply for someone, why would you prefer to be away from them? Take a moment and seriously think about that. Why would you only love them through the phone or by sending a text? That heartfelt feeling you say you should have, should have you not wanting to be apart. The thought of being separate for days should sadden you.

If you don’t mind that your mate is away from you for some period of time, then it’s time to re-evaluate things. If you are truly committed to one another then commit. What does that mean? That means to push everything else aside and you two fit and fix whatever it may be that put the distance between the two of you. Weather it be work or some other activity or just time has wedged between you. How did you forget the first time saying to one another, “We are made for each other?”

In today’s times there are many pressures, anxieties and stresses; however, there should always be that one you can be sure of. It’s up to the two of you to keep life’s troubles away from separating your love. Understanding when you love someone, you want to be with them. Notice earlier I said for some period of time. That doesn’t mean every waking moment.

Know that if you are new in a relationship and you don’t mind if that person stays away or vice versa, you have a problem. Sometimes over time we take one another for granted, but, it should never start out that way. Bring it back together, care what one or the other cares about, thinks about, feels about, or are interested in. Stop ignoring one another, care if they are away from you.

In today’s society we have a world of confused people and people in pain. Why not take your relationship out of that ugly equation? Take a moment and seriously think about that. You have the power to have a happy and healthy relationship. It is very possible not to want to be away from that person. Just like anything else, the more time you spend together the closer you become. That means to consider one another. Talk with thoughtfulness to each other. Learn how to communicate again if you have begun to stop conversing together. Not just talking at one another, but, talking to one another. That means having confidential talk. The more you enjoy talking to one another, the more you want to talk together. This brings you closer together.

Stop ignoring one another. The more you really care if they are away from you, the closer you two will grow. Your relationship falls in your own hands mold it in the right direction. Should you mind that person is away from you; yes, you most definitely should.


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