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Would you stay or would you leave? ( Divorce Or No? )

If you were in a happy marriage for 10 years, then you find out that the few months before your wedding, your husband had a 6 month affair with one of his co-workers, but never confessed this to you until now. Would you stay in the marriage? Forgive? Or Leave? Points to consider when answering: Lets pretend you have 2 children. Lets consider you have no children. Would it affect your answer?

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B Lucy says

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5 years ago
  • Lovelovemeloveme profile image

    Lovelovemeloveme 5 years ago

    Hmm... well... lets pretend he feels guilty and doesn't want to live with the lie any more.

    i guess i made up this question because I couldnt get people to answer my real question honestly. "To live in a happy lie or the miserable truth?"