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Loving Your Partner for Life

  1. krsharp05 profile image91
    krsharp05posted 5 years ago

    When is the last time you planned a romantic evening? What events did you plan? Were you successful?

    1. MamaTschet profile image76
      MamaTschetposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Romance is difficult with kids around.  Need to be creative.  We try to have lunch at home while the kids are at school.  That seems to be our mode of romance these days.

  2. Globetrekkermel profile image61
    Globetrekkermelposted 4 years ago

    It's fun planning a romantic evenings or weekends as the time arises.With my 89 year old mom who moved in with us, it is a little bit more difficult now to plan dates with my husband.We did it last weekend  because my sister volunteered  to take care of my mom .I wrote a hub about it.We went to a French romantic bed and breakfast inn and visited a trappist monastery nearby. It felt  like renewing our marriage vows when we attended the Sunday mass at the monastery.It was great.

  3. CrisSp profile image83
    CrisSpposted 4 years ago

    It wasn't really that romantic, but it's been quite a while since my hubby and I went out together due to our crazy work schedules and other domestic stuff that needs attention. So, yesterday after a parent-teacher meeting, my daughter went out with her friends. So, we decided to sit down for a nice cup of coffee together at our local coffee shop here. The shop has a new product that looks so delish to me: "Jalapeno bagel with cream cheese". I wasn't very hungry and we initially only wanted to sit down for coffee, however, as I said, it look so delicious. So, off to the counter my hubby placed the order. Now, while sitting and enjoying our cup of coffee, I realized, it's been quite a while since we last sat down together like that and so I verbalized that to my husband while enjoying my bagel. I didn't notice that I had cream cheese (not really dripping) on my finger. My husband pulled my hand and lick my finger with gusto and romantically looking at me just like we're dating as boyfriend-girlfriend. And, giving me his "trying-to-be-cute" beautiful eyes. Lol! We were laughing like crazy! And, ended up holding hands as we walked out of the coffee shop. For couples like us, who's been married for 24 years, I think that's cute.

  4. nina64 profile image80
    nina64posted 4 years ago

    I find that the simplest things can be romantic, My husband and I would sometimes get up early in the morning on weekends just to have coffee on the back porch. One year, my hubby and I went to the John Hancock Building in downtown Chicago; we went up to the 94th floor. What an awesome view. It does not take a lot of money or time to have a special date with your spouse. Finding the time to laugh at the smallest of things in life can make up all the difference in the world. If you want to keep the spark in your marriage alive, finding the time is a must.