Friends with Benefits or a Traditional commitment?

  1. Escobana profile image76
    Escobanaposted 4 years ago

    I strongly believe in traditional relationships if I was to meet the person to engage in such a long term commitment. However we all need LOVE and PASSION if we're not involved in a long term commitment.
    What do you do in the mean time?

    If you could choose to be with someone as Friends with Benefits, would you? Or would you rather stay single, unattached, untouched and unwanted? My opinion is that you only live once and you live now. It can be beautiful in itself to feel comfortable and wanted, loved and carressed by someone, meanwhile fully aware of the fact that you don't OWN eachother. I'm yours, your mine.

    Free to stay and free to leave, being honest and open about your friendship from the beginning. Would you be able to enjoy the moment and accept ALL the consequences?