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cute pet names to call your significant other

  1. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    cute pet names to call your significant other

  2. Aimee30 profile image52
    Aimee30posted 8 years ago

    Sweetie, sugar, honey, babe, sweetheart, love, cuddle bear, cutie, love bug, my pet, loverboy/girl, darling, sweetness, sweet thing, prince charming, cutey, and likely more.

  3. Queen_Kevyn95 profile image52
    Queen_Kevyn95posted 8 years ago

    don't go too cheesy!! stick with the simple things like hon, babe, baby, sexy, cutie, sweetie, sweetness, sugar and love.
    personally, it's not my thing.  I HAVE A NAME!!! is what i typically want to scream at them, it just bothers me.  but i've been through a lot of crap in the past with that stuff, so of course, everyone's opinion varies. stick to the basics!

  4. JulietduPreez profile image65
    JulietduPreezposted 8 years ago

    My boyfriend calls me "Skat" which is Afrikaans for "treasure".

  5. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 8 years ago

    I'm no ones pet so why would I want that a pet name?

  6. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Juliet, you sure he's not calling you "scat", which is a term naturalists and trackers use to describe animal excrement from various types of animals in the wild? smile

  7. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    I always put two words together to make a pet name eg:
    Her to Him:  Hot-stuff, Sexy-boy, Stud-muffin, Sexy-Prince...
    Him to Her:  Little-Princess, Sexy-girl, sweetie-kitten
    It's very cute for intimacy when you're just newly boyfriend-girlfriend smile

  8. vishal.rossi profile image70
    vishal.rossiposted 7 years ago

    you can call him donkey....it would sound great

  9. dexixy profile image65
    dexixyposted 7 years ago

    lollipop, rabbit, sweet pie, jack fruit

  10. Mrs. J. B. profile image58
    Mrs. J. B.posted 7 years ago

    Who answering this question is married? Well the only name I can call my other half is...
    which means Pain In The Ass

  11. Robot kid profile image54
    Robot kidposted 6 years ago

    boo, hun, poo, or just call her by her name duuuh

  12. Nick Lee profile image54
    Nick Leeposted 6 years ago

    Poptart, lovebird, thor, jesus, rosa parks, alec baldwin

  13. profile image0
    kimberlyslyricsposted 6 years ago

    angel or babycakes I am not sure when it started and II call him Darlin.  I think we have forgotten each others birth names LOL

    oh my!

  14. nabeelplus profile image61
    nabeelplusposted 6 years ago

    sexy babes, sweety pie, princess,  dude , pooh