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How to forgive

  1. Lazur profile image80
    Lazurposted 8 years ago

    How to forgive

    how do you forgive someone who made you get into trouble of any kind?

  2. Berry1 profile image53
    Berry1posted 8 years ago

    Hi there,
    Thats a tricky one,but it takes a while to forgive and forget doesnt it??,but in the end if you dont forgive you are only hurting yourself,so there are different ways of forgiving,writing a letter,talking about it to someone else like a close friend,everyone has faults in their lives and noone is perfect,but yes it is best to forgive than not.

  3. Afonso profile image55
    Afonsoposted 8 years ago

    try to think about the good moments you spent with that person and you will see you can forgive easly.

  4. Ellandriel profile image77
    Ellandrielposted 8 years ago

    Forgive is a mental decision, not a emotional one.
    You wake up one day and decide that you will forgive one person and every day you remember yourself of that.

    You don't let hate grow inside of you, and you will live happier!

  5. Lazur profile image80
    Lazurposted 8 years ago

    @ Margaret
    This is more a question in general. If it's about me I can say.. I forgave my father for being drunk when we were kids and for neglecting us when we were young. I forgave my mother for hitting me when she felt bad about herself and she couldn't handle the things and forgave her for abandoning us when we were little. I forgave because there was remorse. I got into a lot of trouble, but I could understand them after explanations.
    The only choice I made was the forgiving, I didn't make the choice of getting into trouble , or getting neglected or being hit..

    I'm just curious why you think people always have a choice :)Aren't there circumstances sometimes beyond control?. Isn't it more about having the choice between to accept or not to accept?

    It's almost a complete hub now:D

  6. NATURALBROWNING profile image53
    NATURALBROWNINGposted 8 years ago

    It tough to forgive, but not impossible.  You can start by confronting the issue or problem that started it all.  Once this is out in the open, you can get it out of your system, voice your opinions and tell how it made u feel.  Allow the other person to explain (truthfully explain) I believe its the anger that makes you not in the forgiving mood, but when thats over, there is nothing left but to forgive and let it go.  You may never have the same relationship with that person again, but at least the problem is out and over and u can move on.

  7. Lady_E profile image75
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    Well, I have been taught to forgive from the heart and forget. But Honestly, its really hard.  I still have issues with it.  I've had someone hurt me so much and I say to myself "I forgive him", "May it be well with him".  Weeks later, when I think of what he's put me through and the effects, I think to myself "Son of A ...B".

    Work in progress for me....  It is also Healthy to forgive.  Unforgiveness can bring health problems. Anyway, at the moment, I feel I have forgiven all who have offended me.

  8. Tamarii2 profile image61
    Tamarii2posted 8 years ago


  9. lotuslove19 profile image69
    lotuslove19posted 8 years ago

    Do not keep grudges ,its forgiven  already!!!  let it be cheers@of everything.

  10. profile image45
    will vaughnposted 8 years ago

    If you dont forgive them they not only got you in troulbe,they have also interferred,with your road to being you,and this is what you are doing ,weather you like it or not,we are all in the process,of our own life,...ok so what im tryin to say is if you are happy with you  than forgiveness should come  because you are a good person good things are coming ,you cant be weighted down by why he or she did this,by bitterness,or worse hatred,dont let something that someone else did or tricked you in to doing for them,or lied to you,eat you up,it might just ruin your whole life..

  11. dreamer32 profile image80
    dreamer32posted 8 years ago

    Hello Lazar! I noticed your question on how to forgive! I like to answer these types of questions!  Forgiving a person who hurt you is very difficult!  How to forgive? However, if you go into a situation to  confront a person so that forgiveness and healing can take place ! Always be sure that you have a peace in your heart about the situation before confronting the person! The reason why I say this because if one goes into a situation expecting forgivness and healing between you and that person while knowning in your heart that you should not confront them! It will make the situation worse between you and the person who hurt you!This is a big mistake! Before confronting, be very careful!!! Another  way of forgiveness, you can have a gut -wrench cry; crying is a form of form of forgiveness also, which causes emotional hurts and pains are being released!While crying, you might feel healed at once! But there times that gut wrenching cries will happen in pieces for you!  These are form of relasing which is forgiving! Too, it is important to go around a very trusted-invidual who can relate your unforgiveness! This is another form that you will probably heal emotionally and metality. It might not happen at one time, but it will be usually piece by piece! I hope I have answered! you have any more questions concerning that matter! Come and visit my blogger on http://enlightened32.blogspot.com/ and look on the right page to see my e-mail address! Leave a message there and i will be glad to help you! Thanks! I hope that this is your answer! Thanks for your question!

  12. unknown spy profile image75
    unknown spyposted 5 years ago

    Please read this story about forgiveness, maybe it will answer your question. And once you read the last part, I know, it will surely make you cry.

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