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a man and women been to-gather for the past 10 yrs , the man cheated got a18 y

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    tiffianyposted 8 years ago

    a man   and women been to-gather for the past 10 yrs , the man cheated got a18 yr pregnant,

    wife had promblems getting pregnant,  the mans wants to be with his wife and the babymother, what should the wife do

  2. HelloStranger profile image54
    HelloStrangerposted 8 years ago

    Leave. And don't just leave because he cheated, leave because your love wasn't strong enough for him to make it work, but rather something he didn't even have, he chose over you.

    I'm not saying this to make you feel lower, I'm just saying this because if you guys really wanted to be together, he would have looked into adoptions, or treatments you could do. But instead he chose something he wanted over your marriage.

    I don't think once a cheater always a cheater, but I do believe that if he's willing to cheat for that reason, than he's always going to cheat to get what he wants and one day that could just  be a booty call.

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    ThaddyBear Girlsposted 8 years ago

    Read MOVING BEYOND THE PAIN on my hub page.  Because, I believe you need to love yourself enough to move on.  He didn't think enough of you to protect himself or the marriage.  Some men think; just because they're sorry, you are suppose to except being betrayed and forget it happen.  Asks yourself; what his reaction, would be if; you did something that stupid?  That 18year old girl, will be a thorn in your side as long as you're marry.  That's just my opinion, you have to do; what you feel is right for you.  GOOD LUCK!!

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    chance wilsonposted 8 years ago

    I  think if your marriage has a 10 yr bond thats a lot to give up,me and my wife(whose right beside me) have been through similar circumstances and have found a stronger and better love  for each other than we ever thought we could feel because we found that are love was stronger than any wants each of us could not meet for the other.  The wife should try to talk to her husband and express what it is she is feeling and be open to listen and actually hear what her husband has to say about his feelings on this issue. I think they should talk about adoption, or talk to dr. about fertility or serogat mother for a child of their own and about being parents to the unborn child.  there are plenty of options out there people just need to ask.

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    Azizi527posted 8 years ago

    That is a very rough situation, I would feel betrayed, devastated, and angry. I might be able to forgive alot of things, however, to tolerate a child from another woman is a little to much to swallow. First of all, you cannot be with your wife and the baby's mother. If the wife had problems getting pregnant and he loved her that much he would of find a way to work it out and find a solution. There are many options other than having an affair and breaking the trust bond.

    Obviously, his behavior did not match what he was saying "I love you" to his wife. He chose another woman over his wife, he wants to stay with her, that says alot. I would leave, there is no fixing that problem. If he did it once, what makes you so sure he would  not do it again? He had no business. However, everyone is different and have different views about certain things. Wifey got to make a decision and have to live with it and be OK. No one can really answer that question for her, but again if it were me, I would have to get a divorce, I just couldn't deal with that.

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    mcinthiawposted 7 years ago

    leave him if he loved her he would not cheat and with an 18 yr old wat a pig