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If your man cheated on you would you take him back?

  1. ZippoLighterFanat profile image54
    ZippoLighterFanatposted 8 years ago

    If your man cheated on you would you take him back?

  2. Galadriel Arwen profile image74
    Galadriel Arwenposted 8 years ago

    This is a personal question each couple must decide before they pursue a formal living arrangement; rules of conduct need to be laid out by each couple. Some couples have agreed on open marriages where the question of cheating would not apply. If the couples agreed that they would not stray, they need to set down perimeters to explain each term; make a contract so everyone understands. There needs to be specific rules. If those rules were violated there is no reason to continue the relationship. Hanging on to a meaningless relationship because of “need” is a fruitless effort. A person who feels they "need" someone else to make them happy, or "need" someone else to make it through the day, or "need" someone to pay the bills is suffocating their mate. By the way, once “a cheater, always a cheater.” My father told me that to think that a man will not look at a beautiful woman is absurd! He also said to think a woman will not look at a gorgeous male is also absurd and that folks secure in their marriage had no worry. I personally would kick him to the curb!

  3. MakeEasyCash profile image77
    MakeEasyCashposted 8 years ago

    If it happened once.... could it happen again? It would depend on that persons track history... if he tends to repeat himself in other areas... why wouldn't he do it again? Personally i have experienced that.. (except my ex girlfriend did the cheating) and i took her back... and she did it again. Thus i have a clear cut policy for that... i would not take him back. But i feel that way because of personal experience.. again you should take a look at the past of the particular person that cheated.. - repeat offenders often hold no hope of changing. - Good luck!

  4. Call me "Chelle profile image60
    Call me "Chelleposted 8 years ago

    I don't think people enter a relationship with the intent to cheat. The statistics show that a large percentage of couples cheat.  The latest numbers are approx. 60% of husbands and 45% of wives will have an affair.  These were the 2008 numbers.  So one would have to ascertain from the numbers that there are many underlined variables as to why a person cheats. 

    I have personal experience in this, and yes I took him back but doing so required commitment on both our ends to fix the underlining problem that allowed him to stray.  His acknowledgement that he was responsible for the cheating, we both were responsible for the break down in the marriage.

    I can honestly say before that I would have answered, " No way, he can take his cheating butt elsewhere."  Once placed in that situation.  Your answer becomes very personal and all variables have to be looked at.  My opinion at least.