Between any man and a woman is any love possible, which does not culminate into

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    Debarshi Duttaposted 8 years ago

    Between any  man and a woman is any love possible, which does not culminate into a physical union?

    Is sex necessary for any long-term relationship between a man and a woman of the same age?.... and if friendship is possible, does it exist because the individuals concerned are married to other people and any sexual union may raise ethical concerns  ?

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    foreignpressposted 8 years ago

    Yes, of course. But it takes emotional maturity to understand that a friendship does not require sex.
        You're raising two separate questions. The first seems to deal with two people who have no other personal commitments, but who have a close cerebral connection. But one doesn't want sex. So the ground rules are in place and a long-lasting friendship can result.
        The second question indicates that there is a close friendship but one or both are married. Now it's much more serious. A sexual liaison could result in a family being broken up, divorce, and possibly children who are irreparably harmed. Is the "affair" worth it?
        Sometimes sex can ruin an otherwise wonderful connection. It can create unintentional barriers that suddenly make conversation awkward and forced. With sex, the rules of interaction are changed, expectations are altered, and the spark of platonic enlightenment can be extinguished.
        Often our own lust creates a fog that blinds us to the consequences of our actions. When that happens, it's time to step back.

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    cromestringsposted 8 years ago

    What you are talking is social.  Try to ask this question to different people of different countries. You will get different answers.

    If you talk biology then Sex is only for reproduction and nothing else.

    In short whatever you are referring in the question is according to the society around you.  Same social situations may not be there somewhere else.

    For example...   Japan, China, India, Middle East, Brazil,  US, France and UK  have different social situations.

    About relationship.    It is purely immolation. What you call emotions is nothing but a hormonal change.  You must have never felt a need for relationship when u were 4 year of age neither when u were 8 years of age and nor at 10. So why do you feel it now. 

    for further information you can go to and in videos section watch the video "is marriage the right path..?"

    You will find your answers....

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