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If Your Man Has Dumped You, What Do You Tell Him To Hit Him Where It Hurts Most?

  1. ngureco profile image82
    ngurecoposted 7 years ago

    If Your Man Has Dumped You, What Do You Tell Him To Hit Him Where It Hurts Most?

  2. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 7 years ago

    90 Sarcastic, funny, bitchy and nasty things to say if your boyfriend dumps you. Hilarious breakup comeback lines! read more

  3. pippap profile image85
    pippapposted 7 years ago

    If your response to being dumped is to try to find something to say that will cause him the greatest pain, you may have your answer to why he dumped you.

  4. profile image42
    Nips1posted 7 years ago

    I think that "I have syphilis." would do the trick.

  5. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    that is such a pathetically childish thing to do, it will not resolve your problem, relationships are formed and break down, it's the way of the world, learn to live with disappointment.

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    dracaslairposted 7 years ago

    well i explain all the flaws he has.explain all the problems you had in the first place.then find better and let your ex know about it.

  7. TREX80 profile image61
    TREX80posted 7 years ago

    No response. Act like it doesn't matter! Get a new man, post pics of good times and laugh a lot! It's NOT worth acting like the drama queen!
    Revenge is a dish best served cold and since men are creatures of action...act now! It will say more then you ever could!

  8. Nicholas Wells profile image60
    Nicholas Wellsposted 7 years ago

    Not taking anyones side but vengeance is only a short term fix.  I seem to have felt worse when I took this route after a bad break up.  The best thing to do is....  well I don't really know but if I had to guess all I do is buck down and move on trying to tell myself universe is infinite so logically I will eventually meet my true love.  Oh and remember...

    "The sweet is never as sweet with out the sour."


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    yazoogal43posted 7 years ago


  10. Rebelchick1 profile image80
    Rebelchick1posted 7 years ago

    Lol, the best revenge is to go on with your life, act like it doesn't matter and let him find out that you're happy and not sitting there pining away for him. Let him know that he simply doesn't matter anymore and that you were strong enough to go on without him. Be the bigger person. He was nothing but a pile of dog poo you stepped in by accident and you didn't just wash it off, you threw away the shoe. ;P

  11. legallchew profile image55
    legallchewposted 7 years ago

    Be better. then quote Elle Woods from her musical "legally blonde"

    Though I dreamed of this day long ago
    Now my answer is thank you, but no
    Look, I've barely begun, I'm hardly through

    I was living in ignorant bliss
    Til I learned I could be more than this
    And you know, in a way I owe it all to you

    I thought losing your love was a blow I could never withstand
    Look how far I have come without anyone holding my hand

    I had to find my way
    They day you broke my heart
    You handed me the chance
    To make a brand new start

    You helped me find my way
    There's still so much to learn
    So many dreams to earn
    But even if I crash and burn ten times a day

    I think I'm here to stay
    I'm gonna find my way