Why did Kavya Madhavan divorce?

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  1. LOT2DO profile image40
    LOT2DOposted 13 years ago

    Why did Kavya Madhavan divorce?

  2. ineveryoneheart profile image61
    ineveryoneheartposted 13 years ago

    The latest hot news in the mollywood is the news regarding the Divorce of Kavya madhavan. Last day a rumor comes about the reason behing kavya madhavan's divorce. Many speculations have been made about the causes of rift between Kavya and Nischal. Earlier, it was reported that Nischal's suspicious nature and his authoritative mom's torture were reasons for the split.

    Now, the more shocking news is coming out after Galatta.com reported that the pictures and videos of Kavya's special nude pooja were responsible for her break up with Nischal. Galatta reports, "A popular Tamil magazine claims that her marriage bliss was troubled after Nischal obtained some obscene pictures and videos featuring the actress in hot positions from a special nude pooja.

  3. Kavya's 'B' lover profile image60
    Kavya's 'B' loverposted 12 years ago

    Nishal from the beginning was suspicious about Kavya's relation with Dileep. Reliable sources close to Kavya says that she was questioned about this in the first week after the marriage itself. Initially for the first couple of days Kavya thought it was for a joke, but then she realized that the whole family of Nishal is against her on that subject. From then onwards till the day she flew back to Kochi from Kuwait, Kavya resisted Nishal's continous efforts to have forced sex with her. Eventhough Nishal forcefully took Kavya to Egypt (in the name of honeymoon) he couldn't succeed in his attempts with Kavya shouting and screaming loudly from their hotel room in Alexandria on their first night at Egypt. Nishal was embarrassed seeing hotel staff gathered outside their room after they heard Kavya screaming loudly.

    Since arriving back to Kuwait Kavya was tortured cruelly by Nishal and family. Nishal and his mother asked Kavya to do modelling in Kuwait to earn more money for them. Kavya rejected their instructions saying she will not face camera again. The greedy family relentlessly tortured Kavya and forced her to do all the jobs at the home. She was never allowed to go out alone or use the internet. Even while she spoke to her parents Nishal and his mother stood close to her to ensure that she will not speak against them.

    Once she got a chance to use the telephone and she called her best friend and actress Suja Karthika and informed her about all what is happening in Kuwait. Suja immediately contacted Kavya's parents and through one of Suja's relative in Kuwait they worked out a plan. By this plan this man came to Nishal's house and spoke with Nishal about his relative going to produce a film and asked whether Kavya can do the lead role. The greedy family then instructed Kavya to do this movie and finally as per plan she accepted the offer. Some days later the person came again saying that the director has called all the leading artists to Kochi for the story discussion. Nishal then told Kavya to go to Kochi and come back within 3 days. He also purchased the air ticket with a return date after 3 days. Without wasting anymore time Kavya flew from Kuwait and went straight to her home. The rest is history.     

    Kavya also revealed to her close ones that apart from the 2nd & 3rd nights after their marriage she never had sexual relations with Nishal.

  4. profile image52
    srijithrposted 7 years ago
  5. ryan-cd profile image58
    ryan-cdposted 6 years ago

    No matter what it says in the papers about Kavya Madhavan, the truth is probably different from what you read, so take it with a pinch of salt, literately.

    On the bright side she just got remarried in Dubai a few months ago, and is seemly happy keeping up the good fight against trolls, and haters, such as the press.


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