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Can a man love his spouse and still cheats on her (even with the people she know

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    Wistletposted 7 years ago

    Can a man love his spouse and still cheats on her (even with the people she knows)?

  2. HisGurl profile image63
    HisGurlposted 7 years ago

    As Far As I'm Concerned, No Man That Is Willing To Be With Another Woman Can Truly Love His Spouse. There Are Different Steps In Relationships, In My Opinion. At The Beggining You Are In Love With An Idea, An Idea Of How Things Could Be Between You Both. After Which, You May Or May Not Fall In Love smile.. But When All That Is Done, After You Have Been With Eachother A While, Have Developed Feelings, Built A Life, Made A Past And Constructed Ideas For The Future.. You May Start To Fall Out Of Love, But Instead Of Leaving And Hurting Eachother You Stay And Possibly Cheat. People Often Do It Because They Are Scared, Scared Of What They Are Going To Do Afterwards, By This Point They Are In Love Only With The Routine. They Have Been In A Relationship Long Enough To Know What Is Happening In Their Lives On A Day To Day Basis, And Are Scared Of Walking Away From That With No Knowing What Is To Come Next. So No .. I Don't Believe A Man That Cheats, Can Possibly Still Love The Person He Once Felt So Deeply For.

  3. evilia_lim profile image60
    evilia_limposted 7 years ago

    I think yes, a man still can cheats even though he loves his wife and family very much. We cannot predict a man's way of thinking. Men are greedy, they want to have everything they want, escpecially if he is successful in career or financially. However there is still man who is always very dedicated to his family, but very little this kind of man.

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    SEO IT!posted 7 years ago

    I agree with HisGirl, but wished to add that cheating "with people she knows", is especially disrespectful. In fact, it may even be considered hostile in a passive-aggressive sort of way.

    Every situation is different, though. So much really comes down to communication and the realization that love IS a verb. One can choose to love someone and the feeling not only grows, but gets stronger. If he wants it bad enough, a man can learn to actively love his spouse before or after cheating.

    The question to explore would be "Does he want to?"

  5. strutzas profile image60
    strutzasposted 7 years ago

    I absolutely think so. Although cheating is a hurtful thing to do, there are many things that could lead to it that don't necessarily mean that they don't love the person. Humans (men specifically) aren't wired to be monogamous and it takes a great level of control to stay faithful to one person. This is not an excuse for cheating, don't get me wrong, but sometimes biology takes control and urges cannot be controlled.

    Another thing is that perhaps the person seeks emotional support from their significant other and is not longer sexually attracted to them. It's not necessarily their fault for having those feelings, but again cheating isn't the best way to go about it. Despite the act being something that should never be done, the reasons for cheating have to do with a lack of communication and poor coping skills.

    Since love is such a complex emotion one might disagree that a person could ever cheat on someone they 'love', but I believe that it happens more often than people think.