What are the various ways of understanding True Love

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    colebrianposted 7 years ago

    What are the various ways of understanding True Love

    What is True Love? and What show the True Love

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    Thesourceposted 7 years ago

    True love is beyond reason. There is no reason for true love. It is simply there.
    True love is unconditional. Your lover accepts for who you really are. You could be a despot or a saint for your true lover it does not matter.  That does not mean your true lover condones all your actions.
    True love drives away fears. True love is willing to let go your lover and not hold back against his or her will. True love will not restrict joy and truth to his or her love one. True love is willing provide all the other needs without any strings attached. In true love there is no fear in being naked and honest, physically or emotionally before the one you love. True love feels secure. True love likes to trust and thrives with honesty. True love is never jealous.

    True love is not possessiveness. Possessiveness will not let the other go freely. Possessives has fear of loss as a reason. Possessiveness feels insecure.
    Possessiveness restricts joy and hides the truth. Possessiveness can be fearful and restricts freedom. Possessiveness is selfish at the expense of another. Possessiveness prefers to control the other for selfish reasons. Possessiveness induces fear which tends the other to hide emotions and shield the other's nakedness. Possessiveness can lead to jealousy which can kill. Possessiveness take no joy on the freedom of the other.

    Beware possessiveness is often disguised as true love.

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    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    True love is of God, you won't find it in the world.It is passed on by God through certain spirits in the world to show forth His Love from that of that image of the world.Love is spiritual.