I'm 24yrs old and I'm 6months pregnant now. My husband wont make love with me an

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  1. ping - ping profile image58
    ping - pingposted 8 years ago

    I'm 24yrs old and I'm 6months pregnant now. My husband wont make love with me anymore.

    Im thinking of any possible reasons why he keeps on avoiding doing it with me. Even most of the time I initiate it, he always turns me down. And would always tell me, "let's just sleep".
    I subscribed in a parenting site, hoping to know if its still safe to make love even when ure pregnant and their articles says its perfectly safe. He also knows about it cause i also enrolled him in the site.
    It just hurts knowing he'd rather watch porn and do it alone than do it with me.He has a history of infidelity in his past relationships. Im so afraid that this will be the start of him being unfaithful.

  2. ping - ping profile image58
    ping - pingposted 8 years ago

    Everynight, i check the internet sites he visited, i always see p0rn sites. he watches everyday more than one p0rn. And i think he also does his 'thing' alone while watching. I feel so insulted. Before, i just thought that he might be tired and sleepy when he gets home since he worked overnight, so ill wait till weekend. And what hurts the most was realizing that he would spend so much time buffering those porn videos after i left for office. Plus, even during weekends, he wont do it with me. Or sometimes, we'll do it but not as passionate as before, as if he's just doing it to just get over with it.
    Help, i dont know what to do anymore. Shall i just accept it? Im not sure until when it will be

  3. profile image0
    klarawieckposted 8 years ago

    You are going to have to sit down with him and have an honest conversation with him. XXX Movies are addictive and he might be hooked to them which is not that great, but he can always get help to fix this problem.
    My impression is that since your pregnancy is showing he is already visualizing you as somehting sacred - a Holy mother -  and this clashes with his sexual appetite. Don't make too big of a deal about it but do speak your mind about how you feel in regards to him watching those movies online.
    Now, about the infidelity, I'll tell you this. If you can't trust the man you're with, the two of you will never find happiness. I'm glad you know his flaws and you are not blind to what could happen. Just enjoy it while you can and let everything develop at its own pace.
    Wish you much luck!!! Much health for you and your baby!

  4. padmendra profile image46
    padmendraposted 8 years ago

    My dear friend, I strolgly feel being a man that a person might be very bad  for the outside world and at times to the wife as well. But when it comes to the happiness of becoming a father, this can not be measured with any other news or happiness of the world for a man. But in your case, as you said after you got pregnant your husband is avoiding you and not happy as he can not have sex with you at this moment than I would advice you to decide by yourself, did he really  do sex with you because he loves you ? / or is he really in love with you.? Right at the moment you are not a wife or a woman but the most important thing is that you are responsible for a "life". So now you need to decide by yourself do you want to only focus on how to pull back your relation with your husband who is least bothered about the happiness you brought into his life or you would like to spend your time on blooming your prematured baby's life.  If everything is normal in  your relation than you can also consult a gyaneo on this matter because advices can be lot but a good consultation at this point of time can only be given by a doctor or consultant to you.

  5. krishubpages123 profile image34
    krishubpages123posted 8 years ago

    he might be fearing for the baby, he might be fearing for it when it touches and hurts the baby that is the reason he is not interested, you just tell him he can do slowly without affecting the baby in womb, my mom told me to do it for the normal delivery, it makes the passage easy enough to come out for the baby, but we did operation only, you can slowly pull him towards to you. you switch off the internet and indulge him in foreplay and try to suck his cock and then slowly get him out of internet then do it.


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