I'm 24yrs old and I'm 6months pregnant now. My husband wont have sex with me any

  1. ping - ping profile image53
    ping - pingposted 7 years ago

    I'm 24yrs old and I'm 6months pregnant now. My husband wont have sex with me anymore.

    Im thinking of any possible reasons why he keeps on avoiding doing it with me. Even most of the time I initiate it, he always turns me down. And would always tell me, "let's just sleep".
    I subscribed in a parenting site, hoping to know if its still safe to make love even when ure pregnant and their articles says its perfectly safe. He also knows about it cause i also enrolled him in the site.
    It just hurts knowing he'd rather watch porn and do it alone than do it with me.He has a history of infidelity in his past relationships. Im so afraid that this will be the start of him being unfaithful.

  2. nighthag profile image83
    nighthagposted 7 years ago

    its a hard thing when your partner turns away from you when you are carrying their child. i went through this with my third child and i know how much it can hurt.
    it can be due to fear about hurting you, it can be due to lack of physical attraction for your changing form, it can be due to fear, of  failing you and this child or not ready for his life to change and of course every woman's worst fear of infidelity.
    I would start by talking to him, let him know how his rejection of you in this way is making you feel, ask him about his feelings on the matter and try not to be accusing in any way.

    if even after talking to him, you still fear he is being unfaithful, then their are some excellent hubs on cheating and infidelity here, I myself have written one you might find interesting on the signs of infidelity and what to look for you in your relationship...

    good luck and i wish you all the best with this ((hugs))

  3. Rhonda Waits profile image80
    Rhonda Waitsposted 7 years ago

    Infidelity is always hard especially when its in someones past. Its perfectly safe to have sex when your pregnant. This is usually some of the most and enjoyable time with your partner. Its sometimes recommended by doctors during your pregnancy. i WISH YOU WELL . May be he just needs a little time. I hope this helps