It's time to disappear.

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  1. Syrusv37 profile image85
    Syrusv37posted 10 years ago

    It's time to disappear.

    When do you think it's appropriate to look at a situation or person, and realize that the best option is to just walk away?

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image92
    Rochelle Frankposted 10 years ago

    Without knowing the details, or being in the particular circumstance, this is hard to answer. The answer is within you.

    It's always appropriate to see things objectively and act upon the best option. If you are sure that walking away is best, pick the best time and do it.

  3. profile image55
    she_speaksposted 10 years ago

    When the relationship is grossly unbalanced or you feel like you are losing yourself to said situation or person, 'appropriate' doesn't enter into it babe. You can wait forever for the 'appropriate' moment, and the longer you stay, the bigger the wound gets... When you hear that inner voice telling you to get out, then you have to get out. Life is short so don't waste time on dead end relationships... You're happiness is far more important xx

  4. profile image0
    Butch Newsposted 10 years ago

    You know the answer in your heart.

    Remember this: "if you always do what you've always done you will always get what you always got".

    So... if what you are doing isn't working, then stop doing it.

  5. Right On Time profile image59
    Right On Timeposted 10 years ago

    When that person is being condescending and it's outside of a professional workspace. No one needs that.

  6. profile image49
    sunbabie77posted 10 years ago

    When they get that look in there eyes.And they start to talk.Sorry Ive got to go.Seeu later have  a nice day.

  7. stricktlydating profile image84
    stricktlydatingposted 10 years ago

    Usually you decide to walk away when you feel you have had enough of the persons behaviour or the situation.

  8. alexmar profile image59
    alexmarposted 10 years ago

    Only you can know that...

    It's when your feelings dictates it's time. Then follow that little Angel on your shoulder and walk away and don't look back or they will hook you in again

  9. tom_caton profile image77
    tom_catonposted 10 years ago

    the part where you feel you can't have any positive influence on the person, or situation

  10. Karonher profile image67
    Karonherposted 10 years ago

    When you would be less hurt and upset by doing that than by staying.

    If you are being mistreated then leave the minute it starts.

  11. Klena profile image78
    Klenaposted 10 years ago

    It's a completely subjective experience depending upon the person/situation you think you should walk away from.

    Although if you reach a point where you feel like you should be walking away, ensure it is the right thing to do. If it's a person, speak to them calmly about your problems. If it's a situation, enlist other people's opinions if you're stuck.

    Ultimately though, the choice is always yours. I hope this helps in some way

  12. ARsf profile image60
    ARsfposted 10 years ago

    When in a self defense situation should you fight the person or look for a quick way to escape ?
    What i mean is should you stand toe to toe and fight it out our look for an escape or a quick way of stopping the person attacking you ?

  13. Barraoc profile image79
    Barraocposted 10 years ago

    I don't know the details so I can't give you a definite answer but I have been in situations where, after spending time with certain people, I have left feeling completely drained. Some people seem to create drama and do their best to involve others in it and when advice is offered it is often ignored. In situations like this the only sensible thing to do is to walk away. You could call this self preservation I suppose.

  14. profile image53
    Jack Holmesposted 10 years ago

    If you're thinking about it I would say that the right time is probably now. It doesn't necessarily have to be permanent but distancing yourself will help you see things more clearly.

  15. Dawn Tate profile image60
    Dawn Tateposted 10 years ago

    I agree with Jack, in that, if you are thinking it now, then walk away now.

    Depending on the level of commitment to the relationship from "both" sides, walking away could be a very healthy thing to do. Yes, I have past experiences with walking away (from a person and job perspective).  I suppose it came down to a choice of them or me.  I simply chose - me.


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