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What is being a good listener mean to you?

  1. PR Morgan profile image60
    PR Morganposted 7 years ago

    What is being a good listener mean to you?

    Do you think you really listen to other people, or do you just wait for your chance to say something...I hear people do that a lot!


  2. W. K. Hayes profile image90
    W. K. Hayesposted 7 years ago

    Being a good  listener is actually paying attention to the conversation. Most people are more interested in what  they are saying versus what is being said but being a good listener means listening, offering sound advice if advice is needed and staying in the conversation without trying to control it.

  3. profile image0
    mikeq107posted 7 years ago

    I used to sit there anxiously trying to get my ten cents in and actually, when you think about it the whole conversation was a waste of time.

    Now years later after learning the hard way, Emphasis on the word learning :0) I now allow the other person to finish their train of thought. Then empathize with them, before continuing.

    Of course if I`m talking with Europeans we all contribute  and yet at the same time feel heard as against how many Americans who have adopted I talk first you listen then your turn, which is fine if you’re in a counseling  session, but not very passionate in real life. I think it comes from to many years of classes :0)

    Great Question Thanks for asking!

    Mike :0)

  4. DexisView profile image75
    DexisViewposted 7 years ago

    A good listener remains silent while the other person is talking taking into consideration their facial expressions and body language.

  5. ThunderKeys profile image66
    ThunderKeysposted 7 years ago

    It means my brain is doing what your brain did when it thougth about what it wanted to communicate to me.

  6. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    Being a good listener means you are present in the conversation and no reading, or watching TV while he/she talks to you.  Listen and comment on what is said to show you are lisltening.

  7. Edoka Writes profile image61
    Edoka Writesposted 7 years ago

    Most of the time I listen; however, that is something that I had to learn in order to gain wisdom.

  8. wilsontom profile image59
    wilsontomposted 7 years ago

    a good listener means one who is much moderate and who has the capability to understand things.

  9. theseus profile image80
    theseusposted 7 years ago

    A good listener is someone who listens with his heart and not only with his ears. He shows compassion not by the words he says but by just being there.
    He need not say anything to be able to help, his ability to really listen when a friend needs to air his problems is enough.

  10. Kamalesh050 profile image81
    Kamalesh050posted 7 years ago

    By being a good listener you are allowing someone to speak whilst you listen silently paying cent percent attention. I generally try to be a good listener.
    But mind you there could be some talkative people who would keep on talking , expecting your full attention and wouldn't give you the chance to speak !!

  11. speedbird profile image74
    speedbirdposted 7 years ago

    It is said that we were given two ears and one mouth so we can hear twice as much as we speak

  12. ChristineVianello profile image60
    ChristineVianelloposted 7 years ago

    Being a good listener being able to have complete attention to the person who is talking.

  13. titobay profile image68
    titobayposted 7 years ago

    Being a good listener warms you up to people's heart. We all want to feel loved and wanted sometimes, we want to be sure that there's someone out there who is always willing to listen and offer comfort. No matter how tough you are, you will desire a good listener at a point in your life and if you found one, you're lucky. Bottling up issues leads to depression, it takes someone with lots of patience to be a good listener. Being a good listener means a whole lot to me, it gives me joy knowing someone can confide in me and pour their hearts out. Its fulfilling!

  14. 6hotfingers3 profile image60
    6hotfingers3posted 7 years ago

    I try to be a good listener. I try to listen to the person and understand what they are saying to me. To me that is a sign of respect. It tells the person they are the only thing that matters in that moment of time. When I listen with an open mind. The appropriate question or response will come to me when I need to insert my opinion.

  15. puddingicecream profile image74
    puddingicecreamposted 6 years ago

    To me, it's being focused, listening intently to what I'm saying, truly understanding me.

  16. vjwillisjr profile image58
    vjwillisjrposted 6 years ago

    Shut up and listen. Only give your opinion or suggestions if asked. Don't take it personally if the person doesn't use your advice.