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What does it mean to allow another person to fully love you.....?

  1. Ashantina profile image60
    Ashantinaposted 6 years ago

    What does it mean to allow another person to fully love you.....?

  2. schoolofthought profile image61
    schoolofthoughtposted 6 years ago

    its all about submitting your all to him.

  3. micadeolu profile image49
    micadeoluposted 6 years ago

    To me it means I must love that person fully too. One thing about love is that it is reciprocal. It is a matter of give and take; sow and reap et all. All Holy Books teaches us that we must love ourselves and upon this basis the whole world and creation rest.

  4. CannyGirl profile image35
    CannyGirlposted 6 years ago

    You can not allow a person to fully love you as the permission is not yours in the first place.  Love is something that we have non control over and it means different things for different people. You can not tell someone "Don;t love me" and expect them just to stop

  5. NappyMuse profile image59
    NappyMuseposted 6 years ago


    Being able to receive is a skill that everyone should learn.   When someone wants to give to you, just open your arms and receive.

    At least 5 ways to allow more love in your life

    1. Listen for love ~ Sometimes our ears are tuned for hurt.  We can't hear words of encouragement, gratitude, thank you, repentance or LOVE without reflecting on the persons last mistake. Listen for key words: Love, Us, thank you, being with you, stay, want you, need you.  Listen for positive words around "us" and "you".

    2. Forgive ~ Let go of the old, even yesterday.  Always expect the best in a person for as long as you choose to be with them.

    3. Live in the moment ~ Enjoy that person's laughter.  Soak up their smile.  Do not push time or rush through a good time.

    4. Recognition ~ Learn that person's love language.  Know when that person is saying I love you in ACTION. Know when the person is including you in special moments or important parts of their life, and cherish those events and moments.

    5. Practice ~ Give yourself love, so that you know what it feels like to be loved first hand.

  6. Happyboomernurse profile image84
    Happyboomernurseposted 6 years ago

    To me, it means I open my heart and soul to them and joyfully receive their love, appreciating the tremendous positive impact it has in my life.

  7. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 6 years ago

    In order to allow someone to fully love you it means that you must be your "authentic self".
    Most people are too afraid to expose themselves "warts and all" because they believe their mate would not love the "real" them.

    Anytime we "hold back" our true feelings about things, our opinions, wishes and desires....etc We are not giving our significant other an opportunity to truly love us for us.
    It's a gamble to be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.
    However deep down everyone wants to be loved and accepted for who they really are.

    Some people also have a problem accepting love and affection because they are afraid of getting use to it and suddenly having it pulled from underneath them. (This is a trust issue)

    Others know (they don't feel the same level of emotional attachment as their partner does). This makes it "uneasy" for them to receive deep acts of love when the feelings aren't mutual. They may be with this person for "practical" reasons instead of "romantic" reasons.