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Do we always have to adhere to our Superiors?

  1. Darknlovely3436 profile image81
    Darknlovely3436posted 6 years ago

    Do we always have to adhere to our Superiors?

    I often wonder why people let others influence them on committing senseless acts, or taking orders, that will backfired ......one day. so do we always have to adhere to our Superiors?

  2. fflores041985 profile image54
    fflores041985posted 6 years ago

    In a moral point of view, yes. Even if they are wrong we need to adhere to them, otherwise they wouldn't be Superiors. Now in my opinion, there are cases where we don't have to. For example, if what they are asking of you will hurt someone in any way, unless someone is forcing you but even so you will still be indirectly involved (happened to me in high school once). I guess it also depends on who your superiors are and their credibility. One must earn their respect and credibility and the best way to do so is to just do the greater good. It's a though question but do what you feel is right and you'll never go wrong.

  3. edhan profile image61
    edhanposted 6 years ago

    When it comes to work, we have to be rationalized as if you feel that it is not right to do as it will harm yourself or someone, you can refuse to do so. If it is just normal work that has no effect on health, dangers, etc then I do not see why we should not listen.

  4. whaturmissing profile image82
    whaturmissingposted 6 years ago

    You have to be assertive and if your superior or boss is asking you to do something that is not realistically possible, then you need to speak up and say "no" in the nicest way possible.  Then together you can come up with alternatives and solutions.

  5. BizGenGirl profile image89
    BizGenGirlposted 6 years ago

    No human being can be superior to another human being. So with that in mind, there would be no reason to listen to someone who considers themselves to be "superior". It would only backfire and feed that complex they have about considering themselves superior.

    Now, if we were to be talking about a work place situation, were the question was about listening to a boss, supervisor or employer, then it would come down to our own moral judgement. Morals are subjective, so the senseless act would have to seem senseless to the person who refuses to carry out the task.

    If I found something my boss told me to do, to be morally objectionable, I'd tell that boss where they could stick their plan.... lol

  6. jtyler profile image57
    jtylerposted 6 years ago

    Nobody is truly superior to another; we only consider ourselves to be superior or inferior.  In society, we have the right to say no, whether it is justified or not, but there are consequences, especially for the lattar.