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How To Take Back Your Power After Being Dumped?

  1. websclubs profile image51
    websclubsposted 6 years ago

    How To Take Back Your Power After Being Dumped?

    The Yellow Brick Road: The first step in learning how to take back your power after being dumped ...
    structured plan?
    excellent resources?
    right behavior?
    starting over?
    amazing how breakups can crash your world if you let it.
    what have you found to be extremely helpful?
    need help! Being dumped true stories ...


  2. jdavis88 profile image93
    jdavis88posted 6 years ago

    I think the first realization for me was that there is a huge amount of new possibility.  You are now able to do things you weren't able to do before. 

    Also, you can look forward to the likelihood that you will begin a new relationship at some point, and the things you have learned can help you make it a much better relationship.

  3. stricktlydating profile image82
    stricktlydatingposted 6 years ago

    I usually get a new haircut and killer outfit, have a big night out with my single friends, plan a holiday, take up a new hobby...  It's all about filling my time with new and interesting things.

  4. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    look at why you were dumped and decide if you were in the wrong or if it is because the other person was being selfish. when my first wife and i broke up, a friend told me that it was her loss and that i was a good person so not to worry, someone better would come along. in the end i found the best woman in the world so it was sort of a blessing . my ex-wife is an unhappy woman who still goes from guy to guy the last i heard.