What qualities do men look for in a woman?

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    neakinposted 6 years ago

    What qualities do men look for in a woman?

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    Inspired to writeposted 6 years ago

    She must be kind of visually sexual. Once gotten to know her, she has to be kind, empathetic, fun, positive, can take a joke & see the brighter side of things & with a good sense of humour (most of the time)  She must be able to communicate openly what is on her mind once you have both gained trust in each other, she must be honest & sincere with the notion that 'she wouldn't do behind your back what she would not like done to herself by you'!

    Any discrepancies of a negative nature of things of 'non importance' she must not hold against you but look at things from outside of herself instead of only her POV. & then not 'stew or sulk' for too long.  She must have an hint of jealousy, She must be able to put her foot down to stick up for her rights within a relationship & not become walked over. She must be able to accept blame at times!

    So to sum up. She must be RESPECTFUL to herself & SHE MUST ALSO KNOW WHAT SHE WANT'S within a relationship!

    Well that's my input anyway,thanks for reading. Regards Dale