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Why girls don't like nice guys?

  1. ahazell profile image66
    ahazellposted 6 years ago

    Why girls don't like nice guys?

  2. Alecia Murphy profile image79
    Alecia Murphyposted 6 years ago

    I think this is a gross generalization. I like nice guys a lot. Anyone who's mean or vindictive usually doesn't possess any other admirable qualities. It's a vast misconception to say all girls like bad boys. While they are attractive, they don't give off good energy.

  3. profile image55
    Vladi Dorfmanposted 6 years ago

    Some girls will like nice guys some won't. I don't think there is special attention to nice guys, nor there is special attention to bad guys. A matter of preference. However, character is needed no matter what kind of a guy you are.

    I think the real problem is when guys are too nice, being overly just rugs for the feet of women, not very commanding and hanging onto every word a woman says and simply swooning all over them just because they're in the presence of a woman.
    That's considered pathetic, therefore not attractive. However, this isn't what defines nice guys.

  4. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    Nice guys are better over the long term.  But bad boys, intense, brooding man etc. can be very appealing in the hopes that while he is being a bad boy, you are the one soft spot in his heart.

  5. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 6 years ago

    It's usually (young girls/women) that fall for the "bad boys". A lot of them like the confidence the "bad boy" has. He;s often seen as a challenge or there is "competition" to win his heart. I suppose it's human nature for people to place more "value" on something they had to "earn". There's an old saying that could be applied to such situations. "We ignore those who love us and adore those who ignore us."
    These types of women see the "nice guy" as being too "easy" and often times "boring". It's only after having their heart broken a few times by the "bad boy" that they start looking at the "nice guy" in a different light. You really only have a few options. 1. You can keep searching for a girl who is into "nice guys" 2. You can take on some "bad boy" qualities in attitude/behavior. 3. You can date girls who are slightly older who may have already done the "bad boy" thing until girls your own age finish going through that phase themselves. 4. Be open to dating girls from a different culture who may be raised to value "nice guys". Best of luck!

  6. juiwei2000 profile image59
    juiwei2000posted 6 years ago

    Two reasons, firstly, girls like what they can't get, put it this way, water is the necessity of life, where gold isn't a necessity, but the same amount of gold worth a lot more then the same amount of water, why?  Because, gold is rare.  The same with girls and dating, rare things seem exculsive and increase their desire of wanting it.  (unless it is SARS) and sometime guys who are not nice to them, give up a vibe of that rarelty.  That is always why, I always say, reverse pyschology usually have a positive effect on getting extremely hot girls, that all the guys are going after.

    Secondly, for girls relationship is more of an emotional thing rather then practical thing.  So, while in casual relationships guys generally look for sex, girls look for different things.  Sometime, they like a bit of excitment ande sometime bad boys do give out that excitment illusion, while most girls might have enough logical brain cell, to not actually go after a real bad boy, some just don't get it and usually ended up getting themselve in to a whole lot of mess as a result.  Good bad boy type usually get all the girls. (You know, the type of nice guy that have a rebel type personality)

  7. mcrawford76 profile image82
    mcrawford76posted 6 years ago

    From my experience it's because the "nice guys" have little or no self confindence. Women want a strong man who can stand up for himself, I think this is why the "nice guy" get's left out. The key is to find a middle ground, where you can be nice and caring, and strong and confident at the same time.

    My only other word of advice would be to stop caring. Stop caring about what women think of you, stop caring about what other people around think of you. Just put yourself out there and take the good with the bad.

    Good luck.

  8. Jonesy0311 profile image60
    Jonesy0311posted 6 years ago

    Although this is a huge generalization, mostly reserved for teens and young adults, I'll impart some knowledge on your brain-housing group. It's not a problem to be "nice," but everything must be done in moderation. If women want a caring, sensual, loving mate...they would be lesbians. You can be all those things, but there has to be balance. Women are still driven to prowess and all that swagger and countenance that ensures reproductive success and security. Women don't want a carbon-copy of their romantic fantasies. They want someone who can fix the damn car and the water heater, beat down a guy that cops a feel, and still remember to buy her flowers on the right days.

    The problem is that too many "nice guys" allow the woman to have total control and establish dominance. Now, I'm not saying you should be a control freak, but you have to at least take the reins as often as her. Finally, it would behoove you to remember that a relationship will only be successful if the woman loves the man more than he loves her. As a man, you will screw up...alot. Accordingly, she must respect your feelings more than you recognize hers simply because you are going to hurt hers much more often; whether you realize it or not.

  9. engelfantasydream profile image60
    engelfantasydreamposted 6 years ago

    generalization lols..that depends to what kind of girl she is..if the girl is liberal and wild and have strong personality like i observe, they prefer bad guys that fits their personality..but girls who are more laid back or simple or those who wanted a serious long lasting relationship go for the nice guy or better yet to a good man..and girls who likes bad guys maybe has a history of being physically abuse in the past,that is why bad boys are appealing to them..and some girls omg they feel like a super hero wanna be that they like to be with a bad boy , believing they could change them...whatta fool..hahaha...so depends on what kind of girl ..not all..

  10. sreelekha123 profile image66
    sreelekha123posted 5 years ago

    Bcoz nice guys who really say they are nice ones are not really that nice...

  11. profile image52
    mkenolposted 4 years ago

    They do!  It's a falsehood we've heard and generally accept, for some reason.  What it is is that women (people in general) DO NOT like guys who they perceive aren't confident, strong or have courage; the problem with the so-called "nice guy" is that the fall from being "nice" is a much shorter fall then when a guy with a "bad boy" image falls.  It's kind of like burning lots of fuel in your gas tank....if you only had a few gallons to begin with, losing just some gas can stall your car.  Whereas, if your tank was more full, loosing gallons and gallons may never be noticed.  Just picture yourself driving down the uncharted road of a relationship and as you gaze at your fuel gauge......its in the little red area.  That's the danger zone; that's where women panic' that's where the lack of faith in him screams out...STOP THE CAR!!!!!

  12. Kiki Estime profile image37
    Kiki Estimeposted 19 months ago

    Women like nice guys, but girls like mean guys. Do you get it?

  13. profile image60
    DonaldDaisyposted 11 months ago

    This is because girls find a nice guy to be stubborn n of no use
    They need a mature person with a self confidence
    So been a bad guy can prove good sometimes but not always

    Good luck