Why are women becoming more aggressive nowadays.

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  1. mathira profile image84
    mathiraposted 6 years ago

    Why are women becoming  more aggressive nowadays.

    Women seems to have taken their profession on top of their family lives and they seem to become aggressive in demanding their rights.Whereas women have gone up in financial status, they are lagging behind in making hundred percent out of their family lives.

  2. Inspired to write profile image80
    Inspired to writeposted 6 years ago

    Hi Mathira how are you, & your question, probably because of traditions becoming bespoke to each individuals, & each is realising more opportunities out there for progression, also, because of progress as we live further into the future, every one has rights & they know it, & I suppose some folk, know it's about time they took their own responsibility instead of others controlling their rights, in other words, independence!

    Sometimes I suppose, aggression is what is required to gain the upper hand in this instance because nothing else has worked for them.

    Mathira, just my opinion concerning human nature.

    Regards Dale

  3. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 6 years ago

    (Clears throat) and so what is wrong with a woman being aggressive.  It comes with the territory in this realistic and cold world that everyone lives in.  ("rich", "middle class" and "poor")  Did you ever stop to think that there are those that maybe do not share, relate to or have experienced the same life you have lived.  For some Women they need to demand their rights because they need to provide for their family.  For they are the head of the household, and how else are they going to get it?!?!?  Then there are those that their main focus is doing them, ignoring their family/responsibility but what can you say, that is who they are and whoever chose to marry them and have kids with them made a bad decision.  But that's none of my business, that's on them.  My question to you is why are so many self centered in their thinking?  For one second they cannot see, think or relate to something, someone one else experiencing otherwise outside of their box/mindset.   It is as though everyone lives, thinks and behaves in the same manner.  Taking ones profession seriously may be mandatory!  Divorces happen, relationships come to an end and of course your children may suffer from not seeing what they are used to.   But a good provider when operating by themselves, focuses on providing the essentials!!!  There is no such thing as providing 100% in family life unless you are bearing down someone's back with a rod, rules and regulations.  Children whether on their own or due to outside influences will make up their minds to do whatever they want to , Whether you want to believe it or not!  and that is why most of them keep grave secrets that they keep even as adults adulthood from their parents.  A parent should be the first to know but they aren't because children fear as well as know you won't be "proud" so to speak.  For some parents even though they see the tell tale signs, are in denial because they want to feel they have done the bestest job and that their family is better or just perfect!  Women, People in general have learned how to survive in a world that keeps no prisoners.  Things aren't the same as it was 60 years ago, and that's just plain ole common sense.

  4. Matt in Jax profile image68
    Matt in Jaxposted 6 years ago

    A lot of answers could be posted here, but I'll try and name just a few for why women are more aggressive now-a-days than in years past. They have more responsibilities due to the only recent movement of women into the work place. They now have to balance their jobs with their family lives, cleaning, paying bills, etc. Something basic that could be said as to why women and men alike are more aggressive could be the extra hormones that are ingested through the newly altered vegetation and meat products that we consume yearly.

  5. jeyaramd profile image71
    jeyaramdposted 6 years ago

    Women these days are striving to achieve their career goals. However, compromises are always part of life. Learning to balance is key. I am sure many successful women in the working world are aware of their compromise. Similarly, men should pick up slack around the house and provide for the children. It takes two to pay the rent as well as care for the household. When a man is aggressive at work, but takes on a passive role at home somehow we may see that as acceptable. Its not acceptable. We have to balance every facet of our life. However, a man or woman cannot neglect their home. Its part of life. We respond differently to various life responsibilities. Hard work and persistence is necessary for both man and woman equally. We both deserve a right to succeed at home and in the working world. Women cannot be expected to come home and do two jobs. I am sure alot of men who work would not appreciate to raise a family on their own. Its an equal partnership. Make the compromises where possible and run your family like a CEO would his corporation. We all benefit for equality. Great question.

  6. uknow profile image58
    uknowposted 6 years ago

    apparently you can't have both. and since we have to pay bills and make a living then you go with the career option. there is money out there to be made and i guess some women have caught on to this and are "going for there's


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