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Who will spoil the daughter more Mom or Dad, why?

  1. glmclendon profile image60
    glmclendonposted 5 years ago

    Who will spoil the daughter more Mom or Dad, why?

  2. msorensson profile image71
    msorenssonposted 5 years ago

    Usually, the father, since the daughter is part him and part his wife whom he loves

  3. jaswinder64 profile image59
    jaswinder64posted 5 years ago

    Mostly daughters are lovable to their fathers and boys to their moms. So I will say father will spoil the daughter.

  4. Express10 profile image89
    Express10posted 5 years ago

    I would say this both a good and tough question. I would say that many mom's and fathers spoil their daughters but taking in account that there are many more absentee fathers than moms these days, I would say the mom's win out on this one.

  5. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    Depends on the family dynamic.  My husband and I were on the same page so our kids got spoiled by both of us when appropriate.  They turned out well, so it must have been okay.

  6. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 5 years ago

    I think it depends on the mother and on the father, but also on someone's definition of "spoil".  My definition of a "spoiled" kid is a "brat" who doesn't respect his parents, anyone else, or anything else; and who doesn't appreciate what he has  and isn't generally a nice person.  Some "spoiled" kids are kids who are given little; and as a result, they're less willing to share the few things that they get.

    With my kids (two boys and a girl) I was the one who made sure they had all kinds of things (both to supplement their learning and to make them feel special, and feel as if they were kids who were "have's" rather than "have-not's".  I was also the one who talked them about how people who give them things work had for their money, and about how when someone gives a child something it's because the person wants to make that child happy and help him have something special.  I believed that if my children saw my generosity they'd see an example of sharing and trying to make other feel special, not just by being given special things, but by having special times together with me and/or with their siblings, father, and me.  My kids' father saw what nice, well behaved, kids they were; so he agreed with my approach.  He wasn't awfully "hands on" when they were little, though.  Today, they're grown and he is incredibly generous with them.  The difference is that now they're also "generous back" to both of us.  The value-teaching was my doing, though - but I was also responsible for most of the giving-stuff-to-them too (well, I, and their grandparents and aunts).

    There  would be times when I'd let them know we couldn't, say, get anything extra at the store.  At other times, I'd tell them it was a day when we'd be buying something extra.

  7. alisha4u profile image38
    alisha4uposted 5 years ago

    Both Mom and Dad may or may not spoil the child.. It depends upon the family environment..
    Also depends upon who among the two (parents) is strict or linient...

  8. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 5 years ago

    i was told last night at a family get together that everyone can see me spoiling my daughter a lot. i've always wanted a daughter but until 10 weeks ago, i had only boys. to me, having a daughter is amazing and i can picture her being my little girl until i die so if i spoil her, it's because i love her so much.