Do women really like tall, dark and muscular men?

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  1. Rodric29 profile image77
    Rodric29posted 12 years ago

    Do women really like tall, dark and muscular men?

    So many guys are out there trying to beef up in the gym for that cute young thing, but do they really like hard bodies?

  2. Mmargie1966 profile image85
    Mmargie1966posted 12 years ago

    I thought I had a certain type...dark hair and blue eyes.  Well, my husband is a blue eyed blonde.  We were friends first many years ago, so his looks mean nothing to me.  I always think he looks good no matter what.

    1. profile image0
      CJ Sledgehammerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Your husband could just dye his hair and then you'd have it all. :0)

  3. stricktlydating profile image85
    stricktlydatingposted 12 years ago

    Sure, they may be nice to look at, and we will admire.  But the kind of man a woman wants to be with, and have a relationship with, is the one who treats her the best, and he might not be the tall, dark muscular man at all.

  4. D. S. profile image59
    D. S.posted 12 years ago

    yes! but it depends on the man as well. personality is the most important

  5. Patriette profile image71
    Patrietteposted 12 years ago

    I would have to agree with Strictlydating. We all admire attractiveness in the opposite sex. But, like most women, at the end of the day, the thing that women find most attractive in a man (or potential mate), is how well he treats her, his overall character, and his willingness to commit and bond to her.

  6. wychic profile image84
    wychicposted 12 years ago

    I think it depends on the woman -- for me, add in hairy along with that description and that's my type tongue. Other women like the willowy guys that look like little boys, while still others like the clean-shaven guy with well-chiseled features. That said, I have to agree with other responses here that looks are secondary to character. My own husband got his "pretty young thing" before either of us even knew what the other looked like, we met while playing free Texas Hold 'Em on Myspace tongue.

  7. HarperDavis profile image60
    HarperDavisposted 12 years ago

    Hard bodies--nooooo. Scary and the majority look super unnatural looking. Lean and muscular is perfect, not beefed up.

  8. edhan profile image36
    edhanposted 12 years ago

    As a guy, I think the liking may just fade away if it is based on the feature of a person.

    The liking will be more lasting if both have the same feeling and understanding through communication rather than just the outside appearance.

  9. joniah2884 profile image62
    joniah2884posted 12 years ago

    What I have learned is that women doesn't really care whether your buff, dark, good looking, has lots of money or even has good hair. In fact, women find bald men more attractive. I don't why though.

    1. edhan profile image36
      edhanposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      It is the personality and the attraction of a person. I do agreed with you that women doesn't really care of what you have mentioned.

  10. apartmentsra profile image57
    apartmentsraposted 12 years ago

    This is not 100% true. Choice vary person to person. Yes but muscular and tall men attracts more women. I heard American ladies prefer black men for romance but in India, women prefer white, muscular tall man.

  11. profile image49
    jeri07posted 12 years ago

    Wel it depends upon every women some prefer lean or muscular ,dark or white every one has differnt taste ...

  12. Game Flex profile image60
    Game Flexposted 12 years ago

    No, believe me I've tried to be everything that women are SUPERPOSED to like and it doesn't add a thing. Personally I thing it's just the personality of the individual that is important.

    1. profile image0
      CJ Sledgehammerposted 11 years agoin reply to this


  13. profile image56
    PoojaMehta0911posted 12 years ago

    This is not completly true. peoples choice vary, but muscular, fair and tall men attracts more women compared to dark men.

  14. ackman1465 profile image59
    ackman1465posted 12 years ago

    Thank goodness, I was able to find one who was content with an average-height guy, who is stereotypical European coloring... and who might have some muscles, somewhere... but they're not obvious........

  15. royalblkrose profile image60
    royalblkroseposted 12 years ago

    I'm not a cute young thing... I like a muscular body... it's NICE to look at!
    however, it's also worth noting that he has to be able to hold a decent conversation about more than muscle development!

  16. Debra Dillon profile image64
    Debra Dillonposted 12 years ago

    No I do not think so, I sure don't like them. If I had a boyfriend that was muscular and had the perfect body then I would feel even worse about my body. I like a guy with a little chub. I also don't care about the height and skin color.

  17. profile image0
    Debbie Dallasposted 11 years ago

    I don't like the big muscle look!  I think an average looking guy suits me way better b/c maybe everyone else won't want him!! Allll mine! 

    I don't look or stare so who knows?

  18. IsabellesMommy10 profile image61
    IsabellesMommy10posted 11 years ago

    Honestly, while men who are tall, dark and muscular are easy on the eyes, I really feel like that is not who many women end up with. A lot of guys like that are cocky and think because of that exact saying, they can get with any woman they want! This is an obvious end to any serious relationship. Not to say men like this are heartless, selfish liars and cheaters. I have just always thought the guy who wasn't the obvious first choice, were the ones who could melt our hearts. Anyway, eventually all of that toned up body is going away when they are older. What can they offer then?

  19. Rosana Modugno profile image73
    Rosana Modugnoposted 11 years ago

    You know the answer to this one, come on now.  Every woman likes different things.  I can only speak from my own tastes;  I like bald men with red haired beards or goatees, light eyes and tattoos.  I don't like buff bodies or hard abs.  I prefer a pooh bear belly, but strong legs and yes, must be tall.  But that's my taste.  If they look evil, I will look twice.  It's my own taste.  But I have friends that really like very skinny men and some that like very heavy men.  There is no one answer.

  20. Rebecca2904 profile image69
    Rebecca2904posted 11 years ago

    I think that most people have a certain type when it comes to appearances, I like my men tall and muscly, certainly, but I prefer paler guys with lighter hair. My best friend on the other hand prefers her guys to be extremely skinny, with longer, unkempt hair and a kind of hipster sense of style.
    When it comes down to it though, looks are fleeting and hardly the most important thing. If I meet a guy who's funny, sweet, intelligent and interesting then his looks, a bonus though they might be, are hardly the most important thing and are sure to pale in comparison to his personality.

  21. profile image0
    danielabramposted 11 years ago

    Look at the greatest pickup artist of all time: Neil Strauss. He is a scrawny, pale, balding man, yet with his skills of seduction he can get any woman he wants.

    1. Shanti Perez profile image80
      Shanti Perezposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      And then there was Pablo Neruda and Pablo Picasso as well.

  22. Jason Nunez profile image60
    Jason Nunezposted 11 years ago

    Maybe , but they are more interested in a confident man who will take care of his family.

  23. dghbrh profile image80
    dghbrhposted 11 years ago

    For me its a no no ......i would prefer a brain rather the just a showpiece. A nice personality with sparkling intense eyes what does the trick to me always.

  24. profile image0
    matama ellieposted 11 years ago

    Depends on how muscular because some people just look too outrageous.I think very few women like seeing a man with plenty of belly fat because it looks horrible, to be honest.On the other hand, a muscular man with absolutely no common sense and brains whatsoever, is just a bad option for most of us.
    I would pick a little bit of both body and brains as well as a great personality.

  25. Shanti Perez profile image80
    Shanti Perezposted 11 years ago

    I'm a woman and I've never cared whether a man was beefed up or not. In fact, I've never had a beefed-up boyfriend. Maybe I found that those men were more into trying to impress everyone and that they were trying to attract uber fit women. Hard body women and hard body men might be trying to attract each other.

    The truth is that there is someone out there who doesn't care, but looks for other qualities in a person. Hardened criminals can have hard bodies and attract size 2 women.

    Is it really that healthy to work out too much?

  26. MissJamieD profile image55
    MissJamieDposted 11 years ago

    Do men like busty blondes? lol

    I honestly could care less as long as they're in decent shape and health. That doesn't mean they can't be a little overweight because a little meat is sexy. And I do think tall men are hot, but I'm with a guy that's not that tall so obviously when I chose who I wanted to be with, none of that mattered.

  27. Neinahpets profile image87
    Neinahpetsposted 11 years ago

    Some women do... some do not.  I do not.  I can't stand this type actually.  I have a preference for a guy who is athletic and lean.   When your pecs are bigger than my breasts, that's a problem.  I don't want to feel like the man will crush me.  I like the athletic look that when he is wearing clothes he still retains a slim look.  See: … s-male.jpg  for example of what I mean.

  28. Jennifer Bart profile image61
    Jennifer Bartposted 11 years ago

    Every women has different tastes. Some may like it some may not it just depends on her and what her preferences are.

  29. profile image0
    lisasuniquevoiceposted 10 years ago

    Yes. The guy in the photo looks just perfect. I don't see why any woman wouldn't want to at least talk to him.


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