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Help me figure out what to do with my love life

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    yeabuddyposted 5 years ago

    Help me figure out what to do with my love life

    There is this guy that I really like. Sappy I know but anyways we love each other but we're not together due to my family issues keeping us apart. Recently I found out he has a girlfriend. When he told my best friend that and when she told me it broke my heart. But the last thing he told her was and I quote "I'll be thinking of her." I'm not sure whether I should get over him or wait until they break up or what. I don't know what to do except accept things the way they are and move on with my life and avoid them to avoid the pain. I really need help figuring this out. Did I mention I'm in midd

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    jellygatorposted 5 years ago

    As I mentioned in http://jellygator.hubpages.com/hub/Maki … -Him-More, NEVER choose a man who doesn't choose you!

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    OneFineG467posted 5 years ago

    If he has girlfriend and he is deeply involved then its trouble for you not for him since he wanted to know about his involvement with other girl that he has revealed to your close friend so u don't have to act or wait for him whats the point in it. be yourself and go on with your life.  If he breaks and come back to you how can you be sure he will not break with you go to someone else in future. Its good he didn't hide anything and made it clear....its difficult but u need to go on   smile

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    dashingscorpioposted 5 years ago

    You did not mention your age. If (your family) is what is keeping you from being with the man you love I suspect you must live at home or be a teenager.
    (Adults get to choose their own friends, lovers, and spouse.)
    If you are a teenager there may be a good reason why your folks don't want you to get involved with him. As for him having a girlfriend that should be expected. Young people are expected to live life in "the now". This is especially true if they are unable to be with someone. Life goes on. This happens all the time when teens go away to college. The first couple of semesters they make the effort to stay connected to their high school sweethearts. However as time goes by they make new friends on campus, socialize, attend parties, join fraternities or sororities and gradually start becoming involved with people who are actually (available) to be with.
    Let go of the Romeo & Juliet idea of romance forbidden by family. You are over romanticizing your situation. You are not each other's soulmates. Your ex has accepted the (reality) that you and him are not going to be together and therefore he has (moved on). You should do the same!
    Just because he still likes you or has fond memories of you does not change the fact that he has found someone who is (available) to be with him. You don't want to end up becoming a secret "booty call" or the girl he cheats on his girlfriend with. You will be powerless in all relationships until you are in a position to make your own choices. Eventually most of us move away from our parents.