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What is the reality of love at first sight?

  1. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 5 years ago

    What is the reality of love at first sight?

    How fast can you make your mind as to whether unfamiliar person can be an appropriate match?

  2. C.V.Rajan profile image78
    C.V.Rajanposted 5 years ago

    I am so much stone-hearted that I cannot really grasp love at first sight. I wonder whether I could feel it in second or even fifth sight!

    I have made some unsentimental analysis about this love business. Please read my blog: http://cvrajan.hubpages.com/hub/What-is … -true-love

  3. Andy McGuire profile image81
    Andy McGuireposted 5 years ago

    I personally don't believe in love at first sight. It seems more of a fairy tale concept than anything truly real. Love is hard and takes effort, there are no shortcuts.
    What some people may feel is love at first sight, is most likely just an intense physical attraction and nothing more. It's a nice thing to start with; to build off of, and I would say it's an important first step, but to confuse that with love is setting oneself up for failure.
    Think about this: Can laying your gaze upon someone tell you what kind of goals she has? Can you see a person's personality? When at first your eyes meet, can you be sure he is not a chainsaw murderer?
    I believe to find true love, one must abandon all Disneyesque absurdities and get to know the person over time, naturally. Be open to the possibility that they are flawed and need guidance (as do you) and only then, when you've stopped being an unrealistic ass, will you find what you desire.

  4. jennshealthstore profile image90
    jennshealthstoreposted 5 years ago

    We can be attracted at first sight. We can be amazed at first site. We can even get a sense of really liking a person at first sight. But in my opinion you can't love at first sight. This is because in order to love a person you must accept them totally for who they are. Good and bad and without really knowing a person there is no way to know that you would be able to accept them unconditionally. So though many relationships do last after meeting and getting a sense of "this is the one", love takes a lot of patience, learning and understanding.

  5. connorj profile image76
    connorjposted 5 years ago


    This is a complexed question to answer; however, I am indeed one who is still married (29 years) to the girl I met by "happenstance" and although it was indeed love at first sight, keep in mind at that particular moment we were not sure of it (being love at first sight). 
    We did not become engaged until 4 years later. Yet reflecting back on it; one could only conclude that indeed it was love at first sight. We dated others after we met; yet it was impossible for others to compare up to her measure. It was what one would call futile.
    We should have never met, it was purely what some call "coincindental" and others may even conclude that it was the influence of a higher power bringing us together. She was from the United States and I was from "The Great White North" and in some ways if we had grown up together and shared the same schools or classrooms there is doubt in our minds that my immaturity would have quite possibly extinguished any possibility of love. Is it possible that I was kept apart from her until I matured and became "man" enough to attract her? We will never know; yet I speculate that this early - years separation aided me significantly...

  6. Globetrekkermel profile image77
    Globetrekkermelposted 5 years ago

    First love is not a reality. It is a dangerous illusion and a scary decision.

  7. Dorothee-Gy profile image68
    Dorothee-Gyposted 5 years ago

    Well, my husband and I met on the last day of my vacation, and the next day I had to leave to fly home. He always said that he knew it rightaway. I'd call that love at first sight. It took me a little longer to realize what had happened.

    The next day, I flew back to Germany, and we started to chat. After a few million words, we met again and haven't parted since.

  8. Shanti Perez profile image77
    Shanti Perezposted 5 years ago

    Love at first sight is not love, but attraction, perhaps part chemical/part aesthetic, or the enjoyment of the way another person looks. If this attraction is mutual and both parties find they can look forward together in the same future direction, then perhaps they will be a good couple. Otherwise, attraction may be limited to nothing more than fun, either mutually agreed, unattached fun, or disappointment because one party just wanted to have a good time, while the other wanted a relationship.