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How should she react?

  1. mathslover profile image83
    mathsloverposted 5 years ago

    How should she react?

    There is this girl who likes a boy who pays her little to no attention, she gives him all her attention, and puts him first all the time, after a long while she gets tired and feels she deserves better so she stops, talking to him, and acts totally different towards him and suddenly he wants to give her all the love and attention in the world how should she react?

  2. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    RUN................... He is obviously just playing games and is not interested in a long term relationship. It sounds to me as if he has ego problems.

    1. mathslover profile image83
      mathsloverposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      i was thinking the same thing

  3. Smith77F profile image55
    Smith77Fposted 5 years ago

    This young gentleman must be shy by nature and therefore he had not react properly at the beginning. Having got accustomed to the situation, he could overcome his shyness and disclosed his heart. He might have also understood what he is losing. So, the lady must direct her attention once again to this boy and make him happy.

  4. moonfairy profile image78
    moonfairyposted 5 years ago

    this is so classic. girl wants boy. boy ignores. girl chases boy. boy ignores more. girl turns away. boy wants girl. It's such a silly game. He doesn't really want the prize, he wants to win the game. She should run. he wasn't interested when she was, he just wants her now because he thinks he can't have her. If by chance he does win the game, he'll just walk away because the thrill of the chase is gone.
    make sense??

  5. Marcus99 profile image58
    Marcus99posted 5 years ago

    I have no idea, but, suddenly I feel like making a Dagwood sandwich.

  6. crickette_w profile image74
    crickette_wposted 5 years ago

    There would seem to be a saying that comes to mind on this one...We should treat others as we want to be treated....Alot of people get lost in treating others good and forgettting what it is we want...we fail to require the respect from others that we give...
    Is it okay for him to be the way he is,,,,yes it is....Is it okay for you to be the way you are....yes...
    That would bring us to you actually knowing the answer to this question, but not knowing why....
    The reason why is....you are two totally different personalities that don't match....You give it all you have, and in return want someone to be the same towards you....He on the other hand wants to slide by, just giving what he has to, to keep a relationship going.
    Now, there is someone out there, might take awhile to find, who will return your excitement for life and time spent with him as you show....
    Also, there is someone out there for him, who wants to only give when they have to or want something...
    As we age we don't change much...Your behavior might differ alittle in a few years but not much...by saying this, you need someone who will honestly treat you as you treat them...Give their all and show you the attention in return.
    Remember, you are special...don't ever be afraid to be single and learn to love yourself for who you are...then and only then will you truely know you and "really" what kind of boy you would like to have to hang with...Our insecurities tend to rob us of allowing ourselves to go for what we deserve...We settle for less...
    Now shoulders back, head back, right knee in air, hands thrown up above your head, and let out a big woohoo....The energy you feel while doing that, is what you should strive to feel in every event in your life...Never, never, never, let someone else drain you of your excitement for life...We own our own feelings...no one makes us feel sad, mad, glad, happy and etc...We allow ourselves these feelings....Hugggs little one....

  7. bituinolayquizano profile image61
    bituinolayquizanoposted 5 years ago

    I would just look at him up and down and say sorry you're too late,I've already realize that all those time i spent thinking and putting you first all the time are wasted and paying them back in good way which is i'm putting myself first this time and its making me feel better.