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Does you spouse fear traveling away from home

  1. RealityTalk profile image61
    RealityTalkposted 4 years ago

    Does you spouse fear traveling away from home

    My wife & I have been married 20 yrs. & lived together a few more.  We usually do everything together.  But sometimes she wants to take a trip to see her family (a few states away) & it is not practical for all of us to go.  I encourage her to visit her family; I always have because we r all here on this Earth only for so long.  But my wife cries whenever she leaves me.  She says, she hates to be away from me.  Are you the same way with your spouse?


  2. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 4 years ago

    Yes, absolutely.  My husband used to travel a couple of times a year for Pastor's conferences and we both were almost physically ill being apart.  We have talked at length about it and it seems to get worse as we get older. We have been married for 43 years and frankly enjoy each other's company and hate being apart.

  3. Billie Kelpin profile image88
    Billie Kelpinposted 4 years ago

    ...and that, good buddy, is a gift !  I used to feel that way toward my husband. Later in life, we do become very independent.  Now I could go anywhere without ANYONE and it's a bit disappointing to me, ironically or paradoxically, that I can. I actually feel a bit sorry for myself that I'm so capable of being alone!  When my first husband left, he said I was too dependent on him for my happiness. Even though I taught and took classes in the evenings, had many friends, worked outside of the home, was involved in social justice issues at the Church, etc., he still felt that way. I really never understood it. A person can have a great deal of individuality and internal independence and yet  hate to be away from their spouse. I think it shows that of all the things to do in life, your wife's favorite thing is to be with you!
    I have dear friends who were fortunate enough to retire when he was 55.  They married right out of high school.  This couple could live in a house, but they have a 5th wheel and travel around the country and come back to CA for months at a time to be near the kids and grandkids. I would say they're together ALMOST 24-7.  Their relationship with each other is simply lovely!  In turn, they are the kindest, friendliest, most caring people, fun-loving, out-going people to their family and friends that I know,  and everyone wants to be around them.  I think it takes centered-ness (and I might add, a little money and a little luck health-wise) to achieve this, but I've seen it in action!

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    taburkettposted 4 years ago

    I am very much the same way with my wife.  We are best friends and great partners.  When apart, we are on our cell phones constantly checking in with each other.  There is so little time for each of us and so I want to spend as much time with my wife as possible.  Maybe that is why my work is home-based so that at any moment, I may kiss my wonderful bride.

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      RealityTalkposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Sounds great! I work from home 2. My wife & daughter r out of state visiting. My daughter called me 1 hr. ago crying how she missed me. Not even 1 day gone. I love & miss them whenever we r apart. I know how u feel. I'm happy 4 you.