Is it easy for someone to regain your trust once they have hurt you?

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  1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
    ReneeDC1979posted 10 years ago

    Is it easy for someone to regain your trust once they have hurt you?

  2. dailytop10 profile image83
    dailytop10posted 10 years ago

    Trust is like a fragile glass. It can be fixed once broken but will never be as beautiful and perfect like it was before. Sad but true.

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
      ReneeDC1979posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I agree dailytop10 - thanks for stopping by and keep hubbing!

  3. Charlu profile image79
    Charluposted 10 years ago

    Truth be told I have MAJOR and I do mean MAJOR trust issues.  It's been that way since I was a child.  I'm working on it but haven't accomplished any big hurdles yet.  Sad but true.  The only good part is I stay away from relationships so they don't have to try and tear down my wall and get hurt in the process:)

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
      ReneeDC1979posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I'm the same way Charlu -so I completely understand.

  4. MarleneB profile image94
    MarleneBposted 10 years ago

    Yes. If it's a family member, it's easy for me to forgive. After forgiving the person. I'll unconditionally trust that person all the way up to the moment they hurt me again. Then, I'll forgive again and trust again. It's hard for me to hold a grudge against relatives. BUT, if it's anyone else, I'll forgive them, but I don't keep them in my life. I do all I can to make sure they are not in a position to hurt me again. I don't go out of my way with a grudge against them; I just don't let them in my life again.

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
      ReneeDC1979posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Wow MarleneB - they gain 100% trust back - that's great if you can do that - but are you leary about their future actions or do you just keep an open mind?

  5. winjoy profile image58
    winjoyposted 10 years ago

    It depends if that someone is sincere and sorry and has learnt from their mistake. Trusting them again will be difficult but can be slowly earned,

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
      ReneeDC1979posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Good point winjoy

  6. lburmaster profile image74
    lburmasterposted 10 years ago

    Not at all. It becomes difficult for me to even keep that person as a friend. To trust them? Maybe after a year or two of being friends again.

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
      ReneeDC1979posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you lburmaster for your comment - I have found lately that I had to let a few relationships go because of lack of trust.

  7. fpherj48 profile image61
    fpherj48posted 10 years ago

    I've been told I shouldn't be so painfully honest, when answering this question......but I disagree.  I'm of the belief that people should know us well.  We shouldn't pretend or gloss things over.  Being honest with our emotions is a vital part of the workings of any relationship.
    I will always trust my children, regardless of any ups & downs.  My love and devotion to them is totally unconditional and EXCLUSIVE.........As for "others?"   It is pretty much a fatal mistake to betray my trust.  I do not easily excuse or forgive disloyalty and/or deceit.   I adhere to the adage:  "Fool me once, shame on you.....fool me twice, shame on ME."   I'm not inclined to approve 2nd chances to those outside my own loved ones.....I clearly learn realistic lessons, the FIRST time around.....

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
      ReneeDC1979posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks fpherj48 -i only gave one person 3 chances and their actions never changed.

  8. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 10 years ago

    That depends.  I've had wives or significant others run around with other guys--sometimes a LOT--and that's not a problem for me.  I don't consider "cheating" to be a trust issue, unlike the vast majority of other people out there.  So in that case, there's not even any need to "regain" my trust as it has never been "lost" (because I've not been hurt).

    However, if it's what I consider a deeper issue, then it's One and Done.  Forever.

    What's a deeper issue?  Well, for example, let's say a supposed friend of mine decided to go around badmouthing my wife.  Not only is he permanently off my friend list, but from that point forward unto eternity, he'll not only never regain my trust, but his health will benefit any time he sees me coming down the sidewalk and crosses the street to the other side.

  9. myefforts profile image78
    myeffortsposted 10 years ago

    It is never easy to regain the trust and will take time. Even then it wouldn't be of a degree as that of first time..

  10. europewalker profile image80
    europewalkerposted 10 years ago

    Once trust has been broken I am leery of that person, especially if I thought they were someone that I could trust without question It would be a disappointment but I could never trust them again.

  11. snapbackbetty profile image62
    snapbackbettyposted 10 years ago

    I would have to say it's not easy at all but it can be done. For me it takes a lot of patience and time.

  12. CrescentSkies profile image66
    CrescentSkiesposted 10 years ago

    Some people have a two time rule...I have a one time rule. First you earn my trust (which takes a while). If you ever have my trust and break it I will never trust in you again. So far my mistrust has been proven to last a decade and longer, I have a very long memory for betrayal.

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image61
      ReneeDC1979posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I have the one time rule also - people start out with the same amount of trust, as far as my armspan is -just like i was giving a big hug-eventually when they lose my trust /break my heart/ do me wrong -my hands are folded -crossing my heart

  13. TJenkins602 profile image61
    TJenkins602posted 10 years ago

    It depends on how that person hurt me to be honest.


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